Women get so many kinds of uncomfortable feeling during their period, primarily because of hormonal changes. Mood swings, irritability, headache and stomach cramps just few of the many complaints that women have to endure every month. However, one of the most confusing question women ask is; why do you get cramps during your period?

Many girls experience cramps before and/or during their periods. These cramps are caused by the so called prostaglandis, bodily chemical that makes the muscles in the uterus contract. This contraction is what causes the blood to be pushed out from the woman’s body during menstruation.

We all know that regular period comes once a month. Women with irregular monthly cycle can skip a month. Though this may save woman from the hassles of watching the period out, it can cause a very uncomfortable feeling and mare likely cause the development of cramps.

Cramps can vary in severity, from mildly annoying to tremendously painful, which can actually last for a couple of days or more. Most girls worry about cramps, especially those who usually have normal monthly cycle. Women who usually suffer from cramps during or before their period are:

  • Women who have longer and heaver flow

Women who smoke

Women who were younger when their menstruation start

Women with family members and relatives who had or have period cramps.

Period cramps can actually be genetic. Some girls are just significantly exposed to the chances of getting this condition than other girls because of genetics. The good news about this however, is that the cramps gets lesser as women get older.

Some crams can go unnoticed for some women, but some can just really get into the way. Cramps during period can make a woman feel tired and lousy. For cramps that cause tremendous effect, pain reliever can be of great help. You can check your doctor for fast relief treatments and put the bothersome cramps in the minimum.

Taking pain relievers slightly in advance before the cramps strikes is the best way to counteract. With the correct dose of medicine, you can actually save yourself from days of enduring painful and bothersome condition. Also, keeping track of the time you need to take the drug can help you maximize its benefits to your body.

For girls going to school, taking pain relievers before school time can make a huge difference. Drugs like this should be properly scheduled right at the start of the period, so as to keep the attack from starting or getting awful.

Though taking pain relievers can really save your day from enduring the cramps, any synthetic substance ingested to the body can potentially damage the body in the long run. One of the best things you can do to put the cramps attack at the minimum is, keeping your body healthy. Right diet, enough rest and exercise can significantly lower the chances of period cramps. Balanced diet will give you the right nutrition you need and help your body cope during the period.  Also, getting the body active can help ease the muscles. Also, regular exercise can help release endorphins, a chemical in our body that can make you feel good.