What Week of Pregnancy Am I In? Young mothers, especially first-timers, are anxious about the coming of their baby. Hence, they monitor the development of their child inside the womb and the stages of pregnancy from time to time. And yet, many are still unaware about how to determine how far along they are, which leads them to ask “what week of pregnancy am I in?”. Actually, there are plenty of ways to determine that accurately.

The American doctors employ the American system for determining how many weeks a woman is pregnant with their child. However, there is also an Ovulation System that can be just as effective.

Steps on how to determine What Week of Pregnancy Am I In?

The first step that you need to do is confirm your pregnancy. Missing your period is not the only indicator that you could be pregnant. Make sure to perform a pregnancy test at home – there are several pregnancy test kits at home that you can easily buy over the counter. It is very easy to use and accurate in telling results.

If you have confirmed that you are indeed pregnant, count forward the date from the very first day that you have missed your period until present. This will enable you to at least have a vague idea on how many weeks you had been pregnant. The Ovulation System is the traditional method used for counting what week of pregnancy am I in that women use. In fact, it can also calculate a woman’s due date.

Some health and gynecology experts believe that the Ovulation System is the most reliable method for counting how far along a woman is in her pregnancy. Conception is considered as 0 week for the Ovulation System. It is only during week 2 wherein a positive pregnancy test result will show up. There is about a 2-week discrepancy with this method of calculating how far along a woman is in her pregnancy as compared to the method used with the American System.

What Week of Pregnancy Am I In – The Calculator

There are also pregnancy calculators that you can find on the internet. These are useful tools to easily calculate the weeks of your pregnancy. This will help narrow down your estimation to increase accuracy as compared to manual computation. In the pregnancy calculator, various data are used such as usual length of your cycle and the date.

It also pays for women to do a research on the signs and symptoms of pregnancy, according to the number of weeks of pregnancy. When you are able to feel the movement of the baby inside your womb, then that means you are into week 14-18 in your pregnancy. When the baby starts to kick, then you are approximately 3 ½ months pregnant.

Use the information provided here to have a more definite estimation and find the answer to your question on what week of pregnancy am I in.