Every culture in the world has legendary healers for healing treatment, many of whom were also religious leaders and teachers. Today, this tradition continues to flourish and spiritual or psychic healing is one of the most popular complementary therapies.

Psychic healing is based on the concept of a universal healing energy. Different cultures see this energy in different ways. The concept of a universal, life giving energy has been part of Eastern medicine and philosophy for thousands of years.

In Western psychic healing traditions, this healing energy is known as the subtle body. It is said to consist of several energy fields that radiate from the body, surrounding it. The energy fields are believed to be related to a person’s physical, mental and spiritual dimensions. Many Western healers believe that the subtle body is the essence of the Christian Holy Spirit.

Psychic healers work in different ways. Some touch the person being healed while others work in the energy field. Some use color and sound, others crystals, and yet others combine psychic healing with various types of massage.

Psychic healers maintain that they are able to help any condition and chronic problems such as back pain can respond well. However, they point out the results depend heavily on the relationship between healer and client.

Many psychic healers are also trained counselors. They stress that most people can benefit from psychic healing but warn that progress is often gradual. The kirlian photographic image results from the interaction between the subject and an applied electrical field. Light emitted as photons from the electrical interaction causes the image on film.


Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) as it is practiced today was largely developed by Dr Mikao Usui, a 19th century Japanese politician. Today, there are Reiki practitioners throughout Europe and North America. Reiki is based on the concept of a universal healing energy. Teachers, known as masters, pass their knowledge on to pupils through a series of three degrees.

The first enables the pupil to transmit healing energy to him or herself and to others; the second reinforces this ability and enables the pupil to undertake healing over long distances. The third degree entitles those receiving it to teach others.

Some Reiki practitioners touch the person being healed; others work in the energy fields surrounding the body. Once the first degree has been achieved, Reiki can be used as a self help technique and daily treatment is recommended as way of promoting health and spiritual growth.

The effectiveness of Reiki depends on the relationship between healer and the person being healed. It is important that the subject participates fully in the session and is in a receptive frame of mind. Practitioners say that Reiki helps all conditions and illness and is particularly suited to treating chronic problems such as back pain.

In general, healing treatment and Reiki treatment can be used as a complementary treatment to treat your back pain or back problems.