What is dandruff really? To be able to cure the problem, you need to understand the problem and what causes it. We all know how frustrating it is to scratch what seems to be a never-ending itch in our scalp. Millions of people suffer from dandruff every day, and tens and thousands of hair products and shampoo brands have produced their own products to fight this problem. Many people find these anti-dandruff products really helpful, but for some, things only get from bad to worse. This article will help your scrutinize this scalp problem and solve it right from its cause.

Scalp problems, like many skin problems, carry so many myths, and this of course affects the way people address and treat the problem.

To set things straight, dandruff is actually a loose dead skin cell from scalp, which gets raised on the scalp, or gets stuck in and between the hairs. Many people think that dandruff is a skin disease that needs to be treated. The occurrence of dandruff is actually a natural process, as it is our scalp’s way of getting rid of the dead skin cells on our scalp. Scalp, like skin, has a natural way of getting rid of its dead layers. Dandruff is can never be cured, and it will never go away. However, it can always be treated and be controlled.

So what is dandruff’s role in our body?

You will always have dandruff, as getting rid of the dead skin cells is our skin’s way to rejuvenate the skin. Dandruff problem is not dangerous at all, and despite of the hype about and against it, you should never get alarmed, rather find ways to control and keep the problem at the minimum.

Though it may look gross to see those white flakes falling off from your hair to your shoulders, dandruff never causes baldness, nor is it contagious. So don’t be afraid of getting too close to your friend with dandruff problems. Instead of walking away from them, why don’t you share the things you know about the problem? Maybe he himself doesn’t know what is dandruff really is.

Dandruff doesn’t really have one exact cause, but there are surely many things that contribute to this problem. Sensitivity to fungus present in scalp causes white flakes outbreak in the head, and it could possibly result from fungus overgrowth.

Another thing that triggers those tiny white flakes in the head is overactive oil glands in scalp. Oil glands would significantly increase the skin’s way of shedding off its dead cells, which would in turn, leads to dandruff. The opposite condition of this, or the clogging of oil glands on scalp, causing scalp to be overly dry, contributes to flakes outbreak.

External factors such as shampooing infrequently, or not rinsing the hair properly, can contribute to dandruff problems. Environmental factors such as cold weather or dry environments can cause abnormal condition of the scalp. Tight hats that doesn’t allow the scalp to breath, can also lead to outbreaks.

Since dandruff is a natural recurring thing, it would be best to find the product that works for you. We all have different skin types, so research or even consult your doctor for anti-dandruff products that fits your skin type.

What Is Dandruff