There have been misconceptions on what really causes hair loss in men. One of the misconceptions is that men get bald because of frequent wearing of hats. But this is not at all true. The usual cause of hair loss in men is genetic. This genetic trait is commonly called Male Pattern Baldness. Its medical name is Androgenetic Alopecia. This appears as balding and thinning of the hair, which sometimes start as early as after puberty. Baldness and thinning usually occur in the areas near the temple and most commonly on the crown of the head. This genetic trait is usually triggered by some hormonal factors like testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Having hair loss is most often hereditary. So if baldness and thinning of the hair runs in your family; say, you father or grandfather are bald, chances are, you’ll end up losing your hair like them. In rare cases, extreme stress can also result to hair loss. Overstress causes hormonal changes in the body, which in turn could trigger the genetic trait.

Hair loss can also occur on women. It usually starts during post menopausal stage. Some say that hair loss in women is caused by hairdryers, hair products, coloring, brushing, and curling. But none of these is true. Hair loss in women is only caused by these three:

  • Hereditary and genetic, which means that it is already in them, a condition called Female Pattern Baldness
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Serious health issues

What is the most common hair loss treatment for men?

The most common hair loss treatment for menis surgery or hair transplant. It is a procedure where hairs are implanted on the scalp. Hair transplant are also the most common female hair loss treatment available to most women. But as you probably have read from many provillus reviews and many other similar products, surgery is no longer their only options. It is now possible for men and women to re-grow their hair even without hair transplant and surgery. Provillus is one of the better hair regrowth products on the market that claimed to help men and women regrow their hair naturally.

The claim that this product is very effective as a hair loss treatment for both men and women is a bold claim nonetheless, but some studies seem to suggest that that claim has some truth to it. That Provillus is indeed an effective and clinically proven hair regrowth formula for both men and women which are also made from FDA approved active ingredients.