Tim Hortons is an American restaurant best known for their menu offerings that are delectable yet committed to providing quality nutrition or well known as Tim Hortons Nutrition to its customers. The restaurant is therefore known for its great tasting choices while ensuring that you can also enjoy proper nutrition, whatever kind of diet you may be in. Tim Hortons nutrition information is therefore the main focus and unique selling proposition of this business, which has drawn a lot of people to try it.

What is Tim Hortons Nutrition?

The leading products from the restaurant are their classic donuts, strong coffee, and fresh sandwiches. However, Tim Hortons is continually expanding and has increased in recognition over the past few years since it was initially established. There are some staple items on their menu, such as their iced coffees and “Timbits” that million others out there love, as well.

The owners who have developed Tim Hortons nutrition menu understand the need for their customers to enjoy quality and delicious foods. However, it is possible to incorporate that into your daily diet and ensure that you can keep your nutrition balanced. Plus, they are the perfect testament that healthy food need not be bland and boring!

Timbits, one of their specialties, is among the country’s leading donuts. It is a donut with small holes and is available in a wide range of flavors to suit the preferences of its customers. In fact, the Timbits itself has quite a lot of options available, such as the cake version, chocolate glazed, sour cream glazed, and the old fashion plain donuts. These donuts are very satisfying and packs calories ranging from 70 to 90, which means that you need to eat them in moderation to ensure that you can keep your calorie count in check. If you want to try to old fashioned plain version of the donut, then each serving contains 5 grams of fat.

Alternative in the Tim Hortons Nutrition Menu

If you want a healthier alternative to your Tim Hortons nutrition menu, then go for Dutchie or the Apple Fritter. One serving of the Dutchie contains 50 calories and the same goes for the Apple Fritter. Hence, you can reduce about 20-40 calories per serving as compared to the donuts listed above.

In terms of sandwiches, Tim Hortons nutrition selection is quite reasonable. In fact, they had been working hard to push the envelope when it comes to providing healthier options to their patrons. One of the newly introduced items on their menu is the Tim Horton’s Chicken Wrap Snackers. They have BBQ and chicken wrap options that cuts down half of the regular amount of calories in most sandwiches, as well as about one-third of total fat.

Tim Hortons nutrition menu options observe the Food Guide to Healthy Eating in Canada. This helps to outline nutritional information to serve as guide in promoting better health through healthy eating. Under their vegetable and fruit selections are fruit juices, yogurt and berries, soups, sandwiches, and fruit smoothies. Meanwhile, they also have grain products that are healthy yet tasty. Your choices include bagels, bran muffin, oatmeal, and low fat muffin. For milk products, you can pick up chocolate milk, swiss and cheddar cheese, and milk. For meat, they do have leaner alternatives such as baked beans, egg salad sandwich, and chicken salad sandwich. You can learn more about Tim Hortons Nutrition from their restaurant.