Do you cringe at the thought of swallowing your vitamin pills? Is it an intimidating process? A liquid vitamin supplement may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Liquid or chew able have been the children’s staple for vitamins and medications for years.

But controversy over absorption rates turned many adults away from trying a liquid vitamin supplement alternative.

New research suggests it may be time to rethink that decision.

Why Not Drink Your Nutrients?

Although liquid vitamins have been available in the past, their quality and effectiveness was often suspect.

For years it was thought that stomach acids and digestive juices destroyed up to 90% of the vitamins consumed via liquids.

The theory was that the protective coating and solid tablet form characteristic of vitamins in pill form allowed them to stay in tact until reaching the upper intestines.

Once in the intestines, more complete absorption could take place.

In addition, the faster rate at which liquids pass through the body was thought to make absorption time minimal in comparison with solid pills or tablets.

Today, many scientists claim that in fact the reverse is true. Some now claim that a liquid vitamin supplement may offer the higher absorption rate.

The theory states that liquid vitamins begin to be absorbed in the mouth,

and their fluid form may allow for up to 98% absorption as opposed to pill forms which allow only 30%.

The popularity of vitamin water and energy drinks reflects the new thinking on liquid vitamins.

A Practical Approach to the Controversy

While scientists battle over the absorption rates of pills vs. liquids, common sense can help guide consumers in decisions about which to choose.

Start by considering that even a moderately balanced diet provides at least some of the RDA of most vitamins and minerals.

Supplements in any form should be considered as just that:

an additional source – not the only one – of essential vitamins and minerals.

If you consume 70% of the RDA of calcium via dairy products and vegetables,

is the full 100% RDA contained in your pill or liquid vitamin supplement really even necessary?

Unless your doctor recommends mega doses of a specific vitamin due to a medical condition,

chances are you will benefit from even minimal absorption of the calcium in your supplement.

Any Vitamins are Better than None

The simple fact may be that when it comes to supplementing your diet, vitamins taken in any form are likely to be of some benefit.

For individuals who find it difficult or uncomfortable to swallow pills, liquids,

powders or effervescent tablets should be considered viable alternatives.

Although the majority of vitamins and medications prescribed by doctors continue to be in pill or tablet form, liquid varieties are often available upon request.

The simple truth may be that any vitamin supplement is better than none.