As of the moment, the vaccine for West Nile virus for horses has been developed, but unfortunately, no vaccine has been developed yet in humans. The sadder thing about this disease and symptoms of west Nile virus in adults is that, it can be really fatal.

The virus is widely spread, but only 1 out of 150 to 200 people that get affected by the virus gets ill. Symptoms of west Nile virus range from mild illness, to flulike condition accompanied with headache, high fever, body pain, particularly at joins ant muscle and red bumpy rash which then results to meningitis.

Meningitis is a disease where the membranes which purpose is to cover the brain and spinal core get swelled-up.

In rare cases of this disease, symptoms can develop up to more serious condition like encephalitis. Encephalitis means condition with a very high fever accompanied with disorientation, paralysis, stiff neck, convulsion, and even coma. This condition results to about 10% of deaths for all of its patients.

Individuals aged 50 and above are said to be much at risk from the fatal symptoms of this disease. Also, those people with weakened immune system due to other medical conditions are more likely at risk for this virus.

West Nile Virus cases commonly appear in both Central and South America. These places are the hot spots for the virus, as harbor significant number mosquito population in such places. The interaction between the viruses, from birds down to the mosquitoes, exists greatly in these places. This virus may have been widely spread today, and hundreds or even thousands of people have lost their lives around the world due to the virus, yet this deadly disease is still one of the poorly understood illnesses.

For scientists to make a vaccine they should first identify, disentangle and understand fully the inter-connections of the virus; where it came from and what causes the virus to be that strong. Back in 2006, United States recorded 4,269 cases of this virus, of which 177 resulted to deaths.

Many physicians evaluate their diagnosis from the symptoms of west Nile virus in adults. Using the spinal fluid or blood, they can test the efficacy of the vaccine to one’s body.

People that develop more severe symptoms and illness from this disease need to see his/her doctor as soon as possible. Right diagnosis and medication is very important, particularly to this kind of life-threatening disease. Antibiotics and avoidance of dehydration is also very important to prevent infections and symptoms from getting worse.

There are so many ways for people to actually lower the risk of exposure from this deadly virus. Remaining indoors during dusk until dawn will keep you from the bites of these annoying mosquitoes. Wearing insect repellents such as insect repellent lotion, arm bands, anklets, protective clothing etc, can also make huge difference in one’s risk to the bites and the virus.

Government intervention can also help stop the spread of this virus. United States for example, is conducting studies involving community mosquito-control programs to put the number of cases of this disease and its symptoms at the minimum. Draining standing water where mosquitoes breed and using pesticides can really help your place mosquito and west Nile disease free.