Peptic ulcer, or also known as ulcus pepticum, is a type of ulcer that affects the raw and painful area in gastrointestinal tract. This condition results to mucosal erosion through acidic gastric juices, which may occur in the duodenum, or the first section of small intestines, stomach and esophagus. The duodenum is usually the most affected part of this condition. Symptoms of stomach ulcers in men such as peptic ulcer, occurs from a single or multiple ulcers, which usually measures from 10mm up to 25mm across and around 0.25mm depth.

With the symptoms of stomach ulcers in men just around, the surface lining of the duodenum is at constant risk of acidic gastric juices formed by the stomach walls, which can cause erosion of the lining.

Symptoms of stomach ulcers in men and women affect not just one single organ in the body, but a series of connected internal organs that plays big roles in digestion. The esophagus on the other hand, will be at risk of the damage only if and when the reflux from the acidic juices from the stomach reaches it. A reflux condition happens when the acidic juice from the stomach flow backward, up through the esophagus, or the throat or food pipe.

Peptic ulcer results from jejunum, or middle part of the small intestine. It is a section at small intestine located between duodenum and ileum (third and lowest part of small intestine), whose main task is to absorb the nutrients from the food being digested. This jejunum part can reach from about 8 feet up to 10 feet long.

Most common reasons of the occurrence of peptic ulcer are; excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, regular ingestion of aspirin, and drinking excessive coffee high in caffeine. Irritants such as bacteria could also trigger the bile, which results to peptic ulcer attack. This increases acidic secretion and reduction of the production of mucus. For few people, peptic ulcer can be caused by genetics. Sadly this condition can be hereditary, and some are just pre-disposed to develop this condition in their lifetime.

Symptoms of stomach ulcers in men can be dominant if the family has that medical history. If a family has this condition, then taking extra preventive measures to minimize the risk and severity of attacks of this condition can bring so much relief to the individuals with such condition.

Other factors such as psychological stress can also aggravate the existing ulcer condition, making things even worse, as it can just be more painful. Smoking, can also aggravate an attack, as tobacco increases the amount of acid concentration in the stomach, intensifying the existing ulcer, or even lead to more types of ulcer condition.

A certain type of ulcer like gastric ulcer is equally prone to both men and women. However, when it comes to duodenal ulcer, men are more likely to suffer than men.

The common symptom of this persistent and troubling ulcer pain is usually at the abdomen, which attacks can be really painful when stomach is empty. The sad thing about this condition is that, some people will not experience any symptoms. But the most common complaint of most types of it is the burning pain in the abdomen which usually takes place at night.

Antacid drugs are usually used to neutralize the pain and help heal ulcer. If taken regularly and keeping away from irritants, this can save any patient from using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.