Conjunctivitis, or commonly known as pink eye, which is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, is very conspicuous and contagious. Symptoms of pink eye in teenagers for example, is almost impossible to contract the inflamed part of the skin and not notice, as symptoms associated with this condition are brought by infection.

Pink eye occurs when the conjunctiva becomes irritated. Conjunctiva is a delicate mucous membrane attached to the cornea and protects the internal part of the eyelid. Symptoms of pink eye in teenagers and also in children can be caused by bacterial or viral infection. The bacterial infection of course, can be treated with antibiotics. Viral on the other hand, should be treated with proper care, as it is very contagious. Viral pink eye is the most common type in all age groups.

Pink eye may start in just one eye, but if left untreated, it most often spreads to affect both eyes. Here are the most common symptoms of pink eye or conjunctivitis:

  • Redness along the white part of the eye is the most noticeable common of conjunctivitis. The whole white part of the eye can be covered with red with this infection.

Sensitivity to light can be a symptom of conjunctivitis. This is because of the irritation suffered by the eye. Sensitivity to light sources can vary from mild to severe, depending on the severity or condition of the infection.

Mildly red and swollen eye lids are another common symptom of pink eye in teenagers. The affected eye may feel extra sensitive and sore, causing redness.

Unusual and irregular tearing of the eye. This tearing is not the same with the drainage you may experience some time. Tearing is our eye’s way to clean our eyes and protect it from infection.

Drainage of the eye can vary from minor to severe. In severe cases, the eye tends to drain it self, causing crusty flakes to form and surround the affected eye. This discharge may contain tears or tears with pus. In worst cases, these crusty flakes glues the eyelid shut, and should be removed gently before opening the eyes.

Burning feeling and itching is one of the most uncomfortable symptoms for pink eye. This annoying symptom can affect the eye depending on the severity and condition of the infection. The burning and itchy feeling may also make you feel something is stuck in the affected eye.

Two Types of Pink Eye

Viral Conjunctivitis

The number one cause of red and inflamed eye is viral infection. Adenovirus is the most common type of virus that causes the infection around the eyelid. Watery discharge with pus is the common symptom for viral conjunctivitis. This infection is common during late fall or early spring. Sinusitis, runny nose, swollen eyelids and light sensitivity are the common symptoms of pink eye in teenagers.

Bacterial Conjunctivitis

Streptococci and Staphylococci are the types of bacteria that infect the eyelid and causes pink eye. These bacteria causes the affected eye to experience itching, swelling, eye pain, redness, swelling lymph nodes, and moderate to large quantity of discharge, which is usually yellow or greenish in color and thick.

In mild cases, you can self-medicate by asking pharmacists in drug stores for the medicine. However, if symptoms persist, consulting your doctor is still your best bet to save your eyes from further infection.