Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths in women, so, you need to know the Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Young Women. In fact, it has affected millions of women from all over the world. Early diagnosis of breast cancer is highly promoted to ensure that the cancer is cured while it is still at its early stage. It can be a challenge though since symptoms do not exhibit itself until later in life or when the cancer has reached critical stage. This does not mean though that you cannot diagnose this condition early as there are quite a few symptoms of breast cancer in young women. Below are some of the common symptoms that are strong indicators that you have this condition, so take time to read more about them.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Young Women

Changes in breast size: Any changes in breast size can also be one of early symptoms of breast cancer in young women. It can happen gradually or over time, but the change in size is noticeable enough for you to tell the difference (either the breast had gone bigger or smaller). Aside from the actual size, the breast contours is another strong indicator.

Nipple symptoms: Young women can also look at their nipples for any signs of breast cancer. If your nipples look indented or retracted, you might want to have it checked as this can be an indicator of breast cancer. The nipples are pointed downwards instead of straight ahead. For some, it can also push inward. Also, women who have not had a child yet but notice an odd discharge on their nipples are recommended to visit their doctor.

Indentations in the breast: Any form of indentation in a young woman’s breast can indicate that you might have breast cancer. This indentation is noticeable in the nipple area or other parts of the breast. This symptom is characterized by the skin looking as if it was pressed down and did not return to its normal shape.

Change in color and texture: Young women who have observed that their breasts look reddish or pinkish in color must be warned. It is considered as one of the signs of breast cancer in young women. It can affect the entire skin or just a portion of your breast. In addition to color, changes in the skin texture of the breast can be one of the symptoms of breast cancer in young women.

Presence of lumps: This is the most common and strong indicators of breast cancer in women. Hence, all women, young ones especially, are recommended to perform a regular check up on their breasts to see if there are any lumps. If you are not sure how to perform the lump checkup, you can ask your doctor about it. The lumps do not cause pain, which is also why women are not aware that they already have it, but when you do touch it you will notice that the lump is tender to the touch.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Young Women

In case any of the above symptoms of breast cancer in young women are exhibited, make sure that you see your doctor immediately for formal diagnosis. It is better to find out about Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Young Women at early stage to prevent further risks and to immediately receive treatment for it.