Sleep pattern is very important in the human’s biorhythms. In fact it is a barometer of the total health of an individual. An average of 6-8 hours of sleep per day is the right number of hours that will energizes our body and gives way to the repair of cells in the body. Aside from that proper sleep provides nourishment in the skin for it replenishes the skin and wash away dead skin cells. This is the only time that the body can be relax as well as minimize or eliminates the stresses of the day’s activities. On the other hand, everyone can experience sleep deprivation.

However, any interruptions of your every night sleeping pattern can be an aide in many disorders. This can disrupt the normal functioning of the body and sometimes can be a cause of developing into some problems regarding health issues as well as the mental functioning of the body. You need to understand fully this kind of condition so that you will point out certain things that can be a cause of sleep deprivation. Remember that proper understanding of your condition will help you analyze your situation and treatment is effective once you fully understand the disease.   


In the sleep disorders, this is the condition in which there is a disruption or interruptions of sleep of a person. Furthermore, the interruption of sleep can affect the mental status of the person as well as the physical and emotional functioning. Aside from that, if you are experiencing sleep disruptions it can be a sign of underlying medical problems that need a detailed assessment.

On the other hand, there are many classifications of a sleep disorders. It can be an insomnia, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy and sleep apnea. These conditions are very dangerous towards the health of a person and should have prompt treatment or management immediately in order to prevent further complications.  


There are different causes of sleep pattern disturbances. Know what the possible causes and how it can affect the person’s life and health. Some studies show that certain underlying medical condition finds to be one of the causes of having sleep disorders. One of this causes are depression, headache, nightmares, sleep apnea or having your breathing stop upon sleeping, heartburn, caffeine withdrawal or even having pet shares you’re the room upon sleeping. These criteria can be disturbances while you are sleeping. If these things cannot be controlled, then there is a big possibility that it can come up to a bigger problem later on. You should be more aware in your health in order to prevent further complications.


In having trouble during sleep, there are certain manifestations that can be one or more of the symptoms of having sleep disorders. If any of these symptoms that you are experiencing then there is a probability that you have a sleeping disorder. These symptoms includes falling asleep while you are driving the car, react to certain situations very slowly, having trouble in controlling your emotions because you are very moody or irritable sometimes of the day, otherwise most of the day you feel very sleepy, you have having difficulty in concentration to certain things, most of the days also you feel to take naps, sometimes you have difficulty staying awake when you watch television or just reading the books, or when someone looks at you they observed that you looks tired, and most of all in order to keep you alert during the day you tend to drink caffeinated drinks just to keep you going.

If you find to have one or more symptoms that you’ve experience then you have a sleep disorder. Once you observe these kinds of symptoms don’t hesitate to consult your physician so that the doctor can assess very carefully your condition and help you on handle your sleep disorder.


In managing certain sleep disorder you need to understand fully your condition and know those possible triggering factors that lead to this condition. First, as once you have a sleep disorder you need to adjust to the condition and develop a sleeping routine or rituals that will enable you to sleep easily. Furthermore, develop a daily diary of your sleeping pattern and take note things that can give you sleep deprivation. Second, start your day with a relaxing regular exercise this can help your body relieve from the daily stresses.

Third, manage your stress by developing activities that can be a portal of exit of the negative things that are present in the body. Fourth, have a regular sleep schedule. This can be done by making a daily schedule of sleep at the same time every day. Follow your sleep schedule so that you will be able to sleep accordingly. Fifth, make sure that your room is suitable for sleeping like keeping it cool, quite and dark. These things are very helpful because you can easily fall asleep. Otherwise, upon sleeping you can use eye mask to cover your eyes. Sixth, develop enough time for sleep, take for example, plan a number of sleep you need per day.

Generally, people needs 6-8 hours of sleep per day in order to feel good and energized so it is very important to plan a number of sleep you need to take in order for you to feel good every day. On the other hand, before going to sleep there are also pre bedtime rituals that will help you catch your sleep easily. First, a relaxing body massage can be a grateful thing to do because this can eliminate body stresses as well as it relaxes you mind, body and soul. Second, a good evening bath can also be a good way of relaxing. This can help you fall asleep easily. Third, listening to love songs, reading books and watching television prior to sleeping can help you feel tired and easily fall asleep.

Developing such kinds of sleeping rituals are very helpful among patients with have sleep deprivation. It depends on the patient itself on how to adjust their condition and to come up to a plan that can help them fall asleep every night. Moreover, if this thing does not work out for you, you can consult your physician for having sleeping pills as an aide of falling asleep. However, there are certain precautions in taking sleeping pills, you need to follow carefully the doctor’s instructions, never take alcohol when you are taking sleeping pills, and lastly, sleeping pills are not the main cure of your sleeping problems they can be only used for short term purposes only. That is why, take only sleeping medications as needed and never be dependent on it for it can cause you problems later on.      


If you want to prevent certain conditions like sleeping disorders, you need to have self discipline and take good care of your body. Start your day with a regular exercise, have a complete lifestyle change like quitting smoking, alcoholic intake, drinking too much caffeinated beverages, and drug abuse. Aside from that, watch carefully your diet by eating nutritious foods and balance meal. Also, do not let your work over exhaust your mind because this can be a means in developing stress and can interrupt your sleeping patterns later on. Another means also is divert your stress to a relaxing methods that can give you stress free environment.

This can be done by having a day’s break, like going to beach perhaps or having a vacation to a relaxing place. This can help you relieve your body from stress. And lastly, have a routine check up so that you will have a detailed assessment of your body and any abnormalities will be detected and early management will follow. These criteria are very helpful in your wellness; remember that prevention is better than cure, so you need to be aware of your own body circadian rhythms.


Stress is the number one enemy in having sleep deprivations. In eliminating stress you need to develop certain activities that help you wash away the stress in your life. It lies in your own hand on how to avoid this stress to come in you. Develop things on your own way in diverting stress in order for you to have good sleeping habits. If you cannot do it alone, you can consult medical practitioner that will help you plan on how to have a good night sleep. The most important is that, be very aware of what is happening in your body and never take it for granted because you didn’t know what lies beyond certain abnormalities that your body is experiencing. Because as a steward of the human’s body, you are responsible in taking good care of it by keeping the healthy way of living. Avoid things that can give danger on it, never allow things that can create problems on your health. That is why, having a good night sleep every night can be a big help in keeping your body from diseases. For this can be an aide in giving your body a good rest, that will lead to strong body resistance.  

If you have a frequent change in sleep patterns, you might have some minor problems when it comes to sleeping.By this, you might want to know what are sleep disorders and its cause. One common problem that a person is experiencing is insomnia wherein the person has a difficulty in sleeping. Another is the sleep apnea which is a sleeping pattern where the person cannot breathe properly when he or she is asleep.

This actually has something to do with the normal mental, emotional and physical function of a person. It is very difficult to cope if you have this health problem due to the fact that you feel exhausted and weak because you have no enough energy in your body. Why do we sleep? The exact reason why we sleep is yet to be discovered, no one knows for sure what really makes people sleep. However, there are many theories that tried to explain it, but then again, they are still theories, and yet to be proven.

Sleep is very important for a human body, as it allows the body to restore the parts that had been greatly used over the day and restore some nutrients needed for the body to function well. It is necessary to consult your physician if you think that you have a certain sleeping disorder. It is important to be familiar with what are sleep disorders and its cause so that you will be able to know what you must in order for you to prevent it.