Most women who had history of kidney problems in the past, such as UTI or urinary tract infection, know the tell-tale signs of recognizing the initial symptoms of the infection before it gets worse.  As a matter of fact, search sketchy evidence shows women claiming to self-diagnose and actually treat themselves before the infection takes place.

Signs of kidney infection in women is a common problem, this is primarily due to chemical and hormonal imbalances that takes place in a woman’s body. Pre-menopausal UTI for example, is the third most common complain in women ages 40+, just next to cold and flu. More often, most women will actually develop UTI problem throughout their lifetime, many of this will cause recurrent infections.

Women have significantly higher chances to develop urinary tract infection than men. Many studies show that women can get an increase of chance for as much as 10. Why is this? The reason behind this can be explained by the biological structure of women’s urethra. The average length of the urethra is about 1.5 inch, men however, has an average of 8 inches of urethra.

The most common and recognizable signs of urinary tract infection is dysuria, or pain and/or burning sensation during urination. Another common symptom for this infection is the persistent urge to urinate frequently. Some cases even, persistent urge to urinate come almost constantly, but individuals with this problem will mostly not urinate, or urinate just a very small amount of pee. Below is a comprehensive list of more signs about signs of a kidney infection in women.

  • A mild fever that typically sets at less than 101 degrees.

Malaise, or not being able to feel well, feels sick, anxious, depressed and uncomfortable.

Foul smell of urine, or blood in urine.

Hesitancy, the same with the condition of constantly feeling the urge to go the comfort room, but not being able to urinate much, or not urinate at all.

It is very important to recognize these symptoms as soon as possible to stop further infection from happening. There are differences between signs of a kidney infection in women and ordinary UTI, and symptoms of one problem may not show in the other one. Other symptoms for kidney problems are:

  • Nausea or vomiting

Shiver, chilling and shaking

A very high fever (usually above 101 degrees)

And recurring pain at the back and one side. This symptom is sometimes called the “flank pain”

If you have been trying to self-medicate and treat your kidney and bladder infection on your own, and haven’t been really successful to make significant improvements, then seeking help from your doctor is your best option. Kidney infection may not be really painful and uncomfortable at first, but through time, infection can get worse and may affect your whole body. Though it is very important to know the signs for you to evaluate and identify your condition, professional diagnosis is still the best choice before you start any medication.