It is important to know what is pregnancy and how to cope with it because you should keep in mind that the life of the mother and the fetus inside might be at risk if exposed to some threatening situations.

This is a condition wherein the mother is carrying with her a fertilized egg cell.

It is very difficult to give birth because you will have to bring with you a fetus for nine months.

As time pass by, the womb of the mother will get bigger because the fetus inside is growing.

Perhaps, this is one of the most difficult and painful stages of her life, but after she has given birth, all the trials and difficulties will be changed into happiness and satisfaction.

Pregnancy changes the hormonal pattern of the woman, thus the first sign of it is missed menstrual period.

Missed menstrual period is what most women look for when they suspect to be pregnant, other symptoms are manifest physically like breast swelling and tenderness, weight gain and frequent urination.

Some signs really affect the woman’s emotions and mood like nausea, sensitivity to smells and mood swings.

This is the time when they start to use pregnancy test kits.

Recognizing what is pregnancy and how to keep your body safe is very important for the growth and development of the fetus inside your body.

You should not only think of your safety but the safety of the newborn as well.

The question what is pregnancy and how to cope with it is very easy to understand because majority of the women who are getting pregnant will need support and assistance from the people whom they trust and love.