Is OxySleep one of the best sleep aid supplements on the market today? Well, if you read a lot of oxysleep reviews you will come out believing that OxySleep is indeed one of the best natural sleep aid you can buy anywhere; but is all the claims about this natural sleep supplement true?

Well, read what our reviews shows and what some users of the product are saying also.

Optimal health and well-being are often affected by the number of hours a person sleeps at night, and quality of sleep that he or she gets. Insomnia is a sleep disorder that many people suffer from but most are not aware that they are suffering from it. Insomnia is having difficulty falling asleep, and difficulty staying asleep.

There are over seventy million Americans who suffer from one type of sleep disorder or another. When people have problem falling or staying asleep the first thing they look for is sleeping pills. Most sleeping pills are actually effective, but many of them are also very dangerous and can cause a lot of side effects. Some are even habit-forming, which means that you can get addicted to them.

The makers of OxySleep claim that their supplement is different. They said that their product is not only one of the best sleep aid supplement that you can buy on the market, but that it is all natural, and will help you fall asleep faster and naturally. Some review websites seem to support their claim, and some even went further to suggest that Oxy Sleep is better than most pharmaceutical sleeping pills that you can buy with prescriptions.

Here are some benefits that the makers of this natural sleep aid claimed that you will get when you use their product:

1. They said that their product will help you maintain healthy sleep cycle
2. That it will make you wake up each morning feeling energized and not hung-over like most sleeping pills will do
3. That it is guaranteed to help you feel relaxed
4. And that it will relieve you of stress and anxiety that causes most people not to fall asleep to begin with.

I was very encouraged by what I learned about this product during and after our review process. I actually agree with most of their claims based on what most current users of the product are saying, and also from the type of active ingredients that this natural sleep aids is made from.

I also have some disagreement with some of their claims. They said that Oxy Sleep is a drug free solution. Yes, it is made of all-natural ingredients, and it is considered safe compared to pharmaceutical sleeping pills, but calling it drug free is not entirely true. Most people call supplements drugs and trying to make such distinction is like splitting hair, and may even confuse some people.

Anyway, their claim that Oxy Sleep is one of the best natural sleep aid is not completely untrue. There are few others, but I will put this natural sleep supplement amongst the best.

OxySleep claim as one of the best sleep aid supplement is also genuine because of the following active ingredients:

• Melatonin: a hormone normally produced by the body and helps the body in establishing a normal circadian rhythm or sleep cycle.

• Nardostchya Jatamanshi: a plant that is grown in China, India and Nepal that is not only sedative but can also relax a person

• Ferula Narthex: which is also sedative and can help relieve insomnia and anxiety

• Valeriana Wallichii: also known as Indian Valerian and has the ability to keep people calm and make them less irritable

• Indian Ginseng: widely known as winter cherry can also help boost the immune system and soothe the body

• Hyoscyamus Niger, an herb from the Middle East that relieves someone from anxiety and depression.

Many consider OxySleep as the best natural sleep aid because of the list of natural ingredients included in making the product. This product can really help a person sleep better during the night. Also, the person who used this product before sleeping can expect to wake up feeling energized, happy, and less feeling of hung-over.

Most consumers who have used this product have rated the product four and a half stars out of possible five stars because of the advantages that they get from taking them supplement. Even though there are many natural sleep aids available in the market, most people with insomnia or mild sleep disorders prefer to purchase OxySleep mainly because it works, and is priced just right. They offer free bottles when you purchase certain packaged deals.

My opinion of this product is that it is indeed one of the best sleep aid on the market. I would say that Oxy Sleep is worth a try if you suffer from any types of sleep disorder. They offer money back guaranteed for any unused product, so what have got to lose.