Osteoporosis or decreased bone density

Osteoporosis or decreased bone density is a very common phenomenon in Israel and the Western world. The phenomenon weakens the bones and makes them fragile.

 In order for the bone to remain dense and hard, it is necessary to provide the body with calcium, vitamins, various mineral compounds and hormones produced by the body.

The role of calcium

Most people know that calcium is only for the bones and teeth. 

But apart from the teeth and bones, calcium is an active and important participant in many processes in the body and is a super important and especially important mineral for humans.

When calcium is absorbed in the body, it carries with it nutrients that participate in many processes, the most important of which is the neutralization of the toxic acid that accumulates in the body.

 Following the accumulation of acid, various disease processes begin in the body such as various inflammations, pains, accumulation of toxins, accumulation of fats, and destruction of cells.

Many studies have shown that calcium deficiency can cause various ailments and diseases such as:

sleep problems, nervousness, bone and joint pain, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure and cholesterol, muscle cramps, muscle aches and muscle weakness, arthritis and various other inflammations, mobility and flexibility, decreased Ability to regulate blood sugar, slow down the ability to clean internal organs and decrease digestive capacity, damage to the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys, atherosclerosis and lipids, slow down the ability to neutralize acid damage and decrease nervous system function, hyperactivity, low energy level and more.


Osteoporosis? Where does the mischievous escape to all the demons and spirits? What, he has legs? So it’s not! Our super sophisticated and smart body smuggles it out.

The process is simple –

The blood system and internal organs do not get enough calcium –

The organs must have calcium for their function!

There is a large reservoir of calcium in the body – teeth or bones –

The organs “pump” calcium from the reservoirs to the blood system and to the organs for the purpose of regular maintenance –

Oops – the calcium escapes and oops there is osteoporosis and oops there are holes in the teeth and oops my memory is gone and oops I start balding and oops why I am constantly sick and oops and oops….

The causes of osteoporosis / calcium leakage

  • Calcium leakage / osteoporosis following menopause – a result of a decrease in the amount of the hormone estrogen. In this case it is possible to take hormones (estrogen), or improve the hormonal balance, reduce the rate of estrogen decline and at the same time use plant hormones through diet or herbs that are similar in composition to the hormone estrogen. Of course in this case, an appropriate diet and prescription will be given to each woman and her health condition.
  • Calcium leakage / osteoporosis due to old age – There are several factors for calcium leakage due to old age: the quality of the diet decreases, the amount of nutrition decreases, the digestive capacity of the food decreases, the use of many drugs that cause cell oxidation and decreased exercise. Of course, the treatment will depend on the cause and in parallel with the person’s medical condition.
  • Calcium leakage / osteoporosis in adolescence –  a rare and difficult case to treat, usually from birth.
  • Calcium leakage / osteoporosis due to disease –  kidney failure, hormonal imbalance…
  • Calcium leakage / osteoporosis as a result of drug use –  steroids, anticonvulsants, thyroid hormone…

Signs of calcium leakage / osteoporosis

In most cases, there are no signs of the disease at all. Occasionally, there is a sensitivity or inflammatory buildup in one of the joints and following the pain are sent for a bone density test. When bone density drops to a very low level, this can lead to bone collapse, deformities, vertebral collapse and immense pain as a result.

The Chinese do not escape calcium

Following many publications by the Dairy Council, dairy products in the country are perceived as the number one source of calcium. 

Many studies show that the opposite is true.

 A great example is China and Japan. In China and Japan, milk consumption is nil, and at the same time, China has almost no calcium leakage, no menopausal symptoms, very low diabetes and heart attacks can only be found at the end of the list of diseases you die from (heart attack in Israel – cause of death # 2). The reason for the lesson is a balanced longevity and a healthy diet (rich in calcium from a plant source).

Vitamin K2 D3 and calcium leakage / osteoporosis

Chinese medicine provides the right tools for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

Calcium leakage and bone thinning can be completely prevented by proper nutrition (from a young age), constructive exercise (tai chi, yoga, chi kung) preventing smoking, reducing the amount of alcohol and reducing stress. If there is already bone thinning , Limitation in movement and pain, it is certainly possible to improve the function of internal systems, and stop depletion and even rebuild bone