Osteoporosis is a common bone disease especially among women from menopause onwards. Every second woman after menopause will start her. It is a serious disease that is manifested in fractures of the skeletal bones when the most dangerous fracture is actually the femoral neck. 25% of the women who will be affected by this crisis will be moderated within a year from the date of the event and many of them will have limited mobility and will need a treadmill or other accessory that will allow them to move. Until recently it was customary to recite the motto that a bone that has been lost is almost irreversible or that the best treatment is prevention. In recent years, drugs from the bisphosphonate family have come into use, but even these have not saved a long list of serious side effects.

In contrast to conventional medicine treatments for this disease, there are now complementary medicine treatments that are characterized by unique dietary supplements that have no side effects and that are able to restore bone lost in osteoporosis. Based on a bone density test and a woman’s blood tests, we tailor a complementary treatment based on natural supplements that prevents fractures and pain and allows her to function optimally.

Best supplement for osteoporosis is CalciK2 made by a compeny called Dr Supp By Prof. Samuel Edelstein

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CalciK2 by Dr Supp