There are already several choices for alternative vitamins and food supplements used to boost eye sight and prevent or reduce the possibility of suffering from ocular disease. While many shows of these products show positive and evident results, there are also some products that are not only giving positive results but make matters even worse. This vitamins and food supplements can be very destructive to one’s health, particularly to the eyes.

Though it is normally believed that an “American” diet, which is considered as well balanced, does not need any additional vitamins from supplements, more people still fail to observe the right healthy diet, and this is the usual cause of most health problem.

Nutritional supplements can really give huge difference in terms of one’s health. However, the intake of these supplements in capsule or tablet form should be observed as ingredients from these supplements may react negatively to some medications, or even to some foods ingested. One good example of this is, positive effects of antioxidants from tea can be offset by milk. On the other hand, citrus nutrients from fruits can contribute in increasing pharmaceutical benefits of medications for lowering cholesterol level.

Many study shows that the effect of these food supplements are rather prophylactic than therapeutic, especially if the health issue concerns the eyes like age related eye problem such as macular degeneration. Antioxidants and vitamin E are the significant factors that affect the start or even severity of the condition.

Also, other observational studies concluded that, a high intake of antioxidants often result to the lowering of chances of AMD, or macular degeneration. Taking nutritional supplements with high level of Zinc also show significant lowering of chance of pigmentary anomalies usually associated with the Drusen, a risk factor of macular degeneration. Also, many from these studies shows that one mineral can only do so much, and a combination of nutrients works far better than one type of nutrient alone. Antioxidants for example, are very effective in preventing a disease, but it works best when combined with Zinc. The combinations of vitamin A (in beta carotene form), vitamin E, vitamin E and Zinc and small level of Copper, does not only work to give a healthier eye sight but also significantly reduces the risk of lung cancer.

Other nutrients needed by our body for a healthier eye sight can be found in many food supplements. Some of these nutrients are carotenoids like lutein, zeaxanthin and amino acids. Lutein helps the eyes by filtering the blue light out from the macular, zeaxanthin on the other hand works by filtering the high level of energy blue light that comes across the central retina. Beta carotene on the other hand, helps in the production of rods for tear formation and amino acids like glutathione helps reduce the level of the toxicity of our body.