Boost Your Immune System

Healthy functioning of the immune system is of paramount importance to everyone since it controls our ability to fend off illness and disease.

As you are aware this world is filled with pathogens, microbes, toxic pollutants and stress. 

Therefore what we need is a vigorous and vigilant immune system. 

As we know, our immune system is a complex organization. No one type of cells or organ works individually to protect you. 

Biochemical researchers who study the inner workings and complexities of each cell in our body have found that it is filled with sophisticated structures and genetic codes that support life by their elaborate biochemical reactions.

So what does it mean to strengthen your immune system? How do we strengthen it?

To restore, strengthen or maintain your immune health is to focus on the nutritional support your body requires by Optimizing Nutritional Biochemistry.

Let’s start by first understanding the repair system within our bodies. 

Our body has an amazing built-in ability to heal itself. It can recognize damaged cell parts and then repair them. It actually breaks the cells down completely and then rebuilds from scratch. Incredible isn’t it? Damaged proteins, altered fats and DNA, become brand new again made with recycled amino acids.

In spite of this tremendous defense and repair system inherent in our bodies, damage can still occur, due to oxidative stress.

When our immune system is overwhelmed by the numerous damaged proteins, fats, cell membranes and DNA structures,

they are not able to repair the cells properly. These partially repaired structures can create further problems in cell function. 

For example, damaged lipid leads to rigid cell membranes; oxidized cholesterol often causes the hardening of the arteries. And poorly repaired DNA chains lead to cell mutation causing cancer and aging. In order to avoid improperly repaired cells, it is essential that we provide enough nutrients to our natural defense and immune systems. 

Supplementing our diet with vital antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, is the only means we have to supercharge our body’s natural defense and immune system.

How to strengthen your immune system?

The age old adage of combining a healthy diet, a modest exercise program and cellular nutrition has not changed. This is the best chance of protecting your health or to redeem it after it has been lost.

Some of you may not realize that drugs override or inhibit the normal immune system cell processes.

It is nutrients that support normal immune system cell processes and address’s the immune system dysfunctions.

Specific nutrients are needed to support your body so your body can maximize its immune system functions

Cellular nutrition is simply providing all nutrients to the cell at optimal levels. This allows the cell to decide what it really does and does not need. You can definitely enhance your immune system and antioxidant defense system this way. 


Exercise improves lymphatic flow. The lymphatic system (part of your immune system) is extremely important in eliminating toxins and lipoproteins from the body and also in maintaining the body’s immune defenses.

When the lymphatic system is sluggish or blocked, white blood cells are slowed down or prevented from killing viruses, bacteria and other microbes. As a result, disease can more readily take root in the body.

How does exercise improve lymphatic flow?

The lymphatic system flows upward against gravity in all areas of the body except the head and neck. It’s the muscle contractions that push the fluid through the lymphatic channels. 

Exercise increases lymphatic flow 3fold.

That means 3 times the amount of cellular waste, foreign microbes, arterial plaque and LDL cholesterol is removed with adequate exercise.

Exercise also helps in the production of immune cells and will promote weight loss. It is one good way to encourage the immune system to work well, by promoting better digestive function which will help get rid of toxins and keep the immune system healthy.

The type of exercise you do is important. Sports that require the use of the entire body’s muscles such as jogging, walking, swimming, cycling and rowing is the best. These types of aerobic sports revitalize the entire body. It strengthens the body’s natural immune defenses and conveys a sense of general well-being.

Intensity sports and those requiring brief, intense peak loads such as bungee jumping and weight lifting are certainly rather harmful; they place a burden on the immune system, as it generates free radicals.