How do you know if a person is suffering from anxiety? There are a lot of things that can cause such anxiety attacks and it can be experienced at any time of the day. Such behavioral activity can be due to a certain trauma or being engaged in a troublesome situation where the person is unable to handle all along. Most of us find ourselves in the same situation but we are not aware that it anxiety that is actually what we are feeling. You are probably wondering when such attacks occur and what you should do about it.

As mentioned above this is a behavior which may originate from sudden fear so determining when this will happen can be quite a challenge. Anxiety attacks are more known to take place in whatever kind situation and mostly happen to women than to men. It could be caused by stress and panic. Those who actually are suffering from heart attacks may find this situation aggravating. If you suspect someone who is under this condition, you will have to take note of the symptoms that will enable you to detect if the person is having this anxiety attack.

The symptoms that you may have to monitor to determine if the person is currently experiencing anxiety attacks includes problems in breathing, heavy chest pains, palpitations, too much sweating and the most prominent of them all the person’s fear of dying. If you were to assess such symptoms they can as well pertain to other related attacks and may somehow a cause of misdiagnosis, but now that you are aware that this is a type of situation where you will have to be conscious enough to address the situation properly. Knowing this will help you deal with any anxiety attack situation accordingly.

In an emergency situation, it is essential that you know what could have triggered the person’s reaction and determine ways on how you will be able to calm the person down. Since it is usually from sudden fear, you will then have to determine what made the person feel anxious and you must help the person draw himself/herself away from those fearful thoughts. We are all aware that this is one psychological situation that may definitely need the help of an expert to come up with the right solution. But you can always do your best to make the person feel calm about the situation as you seek medical assistance.

If you find that the person is calm enough to with you and seek professional assistance, you will have to talk the person to it so they will give you consent to bring them to a specialist. Some may actually ignore the fact that they are suffering from such anxiety conditions so you will have to look for the best approach on how you will be able to convince them to seek medical assistance. It will be best to seek advice from a specialist in this field to allow the patients to understand their situation and how to properly deal with it. These medical professionals will be able to inform the patient of the possible problems that may occur because of such attacks as well as give them advices on the preventive measures that they have to consider before even an attack starts.