Leg cramps in bed is a common complaint from people from all walks of life. Restless leg syndrome must not be confused with nighttime leg cramps. As with restless leg syndrome, it is only the legs that feel twitchy and restless unless being moved often.

Leg cramps in bed are obviously sudden spasms or muscle tightening in the calf. Muscle cramps can also be experienced in both thigh and foot. This type of cramps usually comes up when you’re about to fall asleep or wake up. This condition can be really painful, and can last for minutes.

Leg cramps in bed are also known as charley horses, is usually associated with awkward position while sleeping. Though leg cramps at night are usually common, experts can’t exactly point out the reason why this happens. However, it is certain that other illness is not the usual cause for it. Some of the things that results to leg cramps are overusing muscles from too much exercise, standing on a hard surface (concrete) for a long period of time, sitting for hours, most obviously, putting the legs in awkward position while sitting or sleeping.

Lack of bodily nutrients also results to leg problems such as cramps. Lack of calcium, potassium and other minerals for the blood for example, weakens the body’s muscles, causing it to contract easily which causes cramps. Dehydration can also lead to cramps, as the human body has too little fluid. Medicinal drugs like antipsychotic, diuretic, birth control pills, steroid, statin and physical problem like having flat feet and illness such as thyroid disease can also contribute to the cause of leg cramps.

How to put-out leg cramps in bed for good?

There are lots of ways to minimize, or even keep you from experiencing leg cramps, and you may have to explore these ways and find out which works best for you.

Taking a break from long hours of work in the office and walking around or jiggling your leg can make a lot of difference in keeping the cramps in the minimum. Also, stretching your leg and calf muscles once in a while can help keep cramps away.

Most office works nowadays trap people in their seats facing their computers all day. Sitting long hour’s everyday can compromise the smooth of flow of blood to our legs and feet. The best thing to combat leg cramps while sitting is to straighten the legs and flexing feet up towards the knee. Placing a rolled towel beneath the foot can also help relax. Holding the towel at both ends, and slowly pulling the towel towards you can help stretch your knee and calf muscles effectively.

Another way to prevent cramps is by standing from 2 ft away from the wall and leading against the wall. Keep your knee and leg straight and let your leg and calf muscles stretch. This stretching exercise is arguably the best one to take leg cramp away for minutes.

Leg Cramps in Bed Conclusion

Some people prefer taking a hot shower or warm bath whenever they feel cramps, especially leg cramps in bed. Other people get big relief by just patting an ice pack to the affected muscle. There are really so many things you can do, so choose one that suits the situation, setting and condition of the Leg Cramps in Bed.