Everyone seems to be familiar with the typical symptoms of COVID-19,

nonetheless how many people do know about its long – term side effects?

Especially if the main symptoms do not appear to be so severe,

the collateral consequences may turn out to be particularly insidious.

To ensure smooth recovery and minimize the pathogen’s impact on the body,

implementing the right food supplementation into your lifestyle is a smart, yet a very effective move to make.

In this article, we will hopefully dispel all your doubts and queries about this subject.


Miscellaneous side effects of COVID-19 have already been confirmed.

Some of them are characteristic of the virus while the rest is associated with the strain that a regular viral infection puts on the body.

Accordingly, besides the well – known emblematic symptoms like fever, chills, malaise, cough and difficulty breathing,

a corona virus patient will develop hair-loss, insomnia, duller skin, constant lack of energy as well as overall inflammation.

On the other hand, general inflammation in the body carries a great risk of acquiring one of the so – called inflammatory diseases like hypertension. Needless to say at this point, there is a lot to tackle.

On that occasion, appropriate food supplementation brings a lot to the table.

First off, as its active ingredients contain a plethora of vitamins and micro-elements, it gives the organism an instant immense health boost.

The tissues become properly nourished so that they do have the strength to fight the infection what makes you feel better straight away.

At the same time, affected hair and the skin, which had lost their proper structure and glow, get a chance to regain their natural brightness.

Without the building blocks, nothing will be built – it also applies in this matter.

Moreover, many vitamins are natural potent antioxidants which protect the tissues from the free radicals’ damage and hence have an extraordinary anti – inflammatory effect.

Such an activity minimizes the so – called oxidative stress and therefore inflammation which, as mentioned earlier, can lead to diseases like hypertension.

Numerous active ingredients also do naturally stimulate one’s immune system.

Many have heard about e.g. the beneficial effects of zinc, nonetheless what really stabilizes immunity long – term is healthy bacterial gut flora.

Multiple research has proven a correlation between the strength of one’s immune response as well as one’s general inflammation level and the residing microbiome.

The probiotics naturally supplement and enforce one’s gut flora, providing it with specially selected advantageous bacterial strains.

At the same time, undergoing an infection, especially such a cumbersome one like corona virus disease, is a great source of anxiety, distress and fatigue.

All of these together can cause insomnia and chronic exhaustion. Appropriate supplementation e.g.

with GABA effectively calms down the nervous system in a completely natural manner what makes you relaxed. Simultaneously, falling asleep does not seem so difficult anymore.

All in all, appropriate supplementation when going through a COVID-19 infection can do wonders in terms of managing the disease’s bothersome side effects.

If you are one of the affected patients, do not neglect these signs your body is sending you but rather address them suitably – it will only pay off.

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