Most newly weds are eager to know the answer to the question of How Soon Can Pregnancy Be Detected. Expectant mothers tend to be too excited about the possibility of conceiving that some perform their pregnancy tests too early. But is there really such a thing as too soon? How soon can pregnancy be detected? The answer to this question is vital in helping mothers know when the right time to perform home tests is.

Factors To Consider During Early Tests

In order to help you produce an accurate result from your home pregnancy test, it is important to know what factors can accurately produce the result you want. Take time to read each of them below and determine when you should begin conducting home pregnancy tests.

Doubling Rule: This method of testing for pregnancy involve quantitative serum beta hCG levels testing to be performed by a doctor. Whenever your serum beta hCG levels reach 25 mlU/ml or above, then it is a good indicator that you are pregnant.

hCG Measurement: Determining how soon can pregnancy be detected will vary on the hCG hormone and the testing kit used that can detect that rise in hormone levels in the body. The amount of human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG present in the body can be detected through blood or urine.

Obstetric Ultrasonography: Whenever a pregnancy reaches 6-8 weeks, then that is when a more accurate result can be produced from the test. You may also use a sonography that will enable you to follow the results of the test in real time. Ideally, you should be able to tell if you are pregnant 25 days following the conception; however, this is possible only through transvaginal sonography.

How Soon Can Pregnancy Be Detected

– False Positive vs False Negative Results

Whenever you perform home pregnancy tests and it returned a negative result, do not be disheartened right away. A false negative result does not mean you are not pregnant. It could be that you had done your test too early that it cannot return a positive result just yet.

Test that evaluate blood and urine samples can typically produce a positive result within 6-12 days following the ovulation. However, the ovulation is just one thing and the implantation can deliver a more accurate result on the pregnancy test, as well as indicate when it is too early or not. During the first two months of pregnancy, there is also an increase in beta hCG levels in the woman’s body. This explains why there is a huge possibility of a false negative result coming up when you perform the test prior to that.

On the other hand, a false positive result is actually a positive test for various diseases, NOT pregnancy. Some of these diseases that might be confused with the early physiological signs of pregnancy include heterophile antibodies, testicular germ cell malignancies, gestational trophoblastic diseases, IgA deficiencies, enterocystoplasties, among others.

How Soon Can Pregnancy Be Detected – Ultra Sensitive Pregnancy Tests

You may also purchase an ultra sensitive pregnancy test kit if you want to perform this test at the early stages of your pregnancy. Most local drug stores have an EPT test kit available, so make sure to ask for them. However, because this is designed to be ultra sensitive and thus pick up signs even when the pregnancy is still at its primal stage, then you can expect these kits to be more expensive than the regular ones. You can also check them out on the internet now that you know how soon can pregnancy be detected.