Cancer, which is life threatening disease, covers a very wide scope for health problems. This is the reason why so many people wonder how many types of cancer are there. All in all, there are 200 different types of cancer that can hit the human body. Cancer and cancerous conditions varies from each other. Some are more serious than other, while some can be treated, some types also has higher survival rate than other types.

There are actually two general categories of this disease, the Carcinomas or the cancer that develops just in the surface lining of organs and the Sarcinomas or the cancer that develops right in the cell. Sarcinomas is the cancer that affects solid tissues in our body and bone. There is also a chance that this kind of cancer develops in the blood vessels.

Human body, which is made up of tiny cells, contains genes. Genes has proteins in it, which regulates the division and multiplication of cells. If a gene is damaged, cells will still continually grow and divide, and will not stop. Cells will try to repair the damaged one or replace them by dividing and growing in number. If too many of these cells were damaged, they will form together and continually grow into a tumor.

Each organ we have inside our body is made up of different special type of cell. The epithelial tissue for example, is the cell that makes up the surface of our skin. Beneath it is the connective tissue, which is made up of cells containing gland cells. And underneath that is the layer of muscle, and so on and so forth.

People who search for how many types of cancer are there should also understand that tumors can either be malignant or benign, as these two can really be serious cancers. Tumor spread throughout the body by multiplying through time, which will affect other tissues and organs. Also, not all types of cancer form tumor, such as cancer in blood.

Large number from these 200 types of cancer is already known. Common contributory factors to cell damage are; high exposure to harmful sunlight, cigarette smoking, unhealthy diet, inactive lifestyle, etc. Study also shows that there can be types of cancers that can be hereditary, such as hereditary. Obesity and inactive lifestyle also shows a link that result to certain types of cancer.

Symptoms of cancer vary to its type. Different types of this disease usually have few common symptoms. But there are generally common symptoms for most types of this disease, such as weight loss, swelling or strange lumps and lethargy. Fever, anemia and night sweats are also common symptoms a cancer patient may experience. These symptoms are usually caused by other illnesses, thus, it is very important to consult the doctor to reduce the risk of painful symptoms.

How many types of cancer are there that affects our body organs? The thing is, you can actually develop cancer in any body organ. Human body has 60 different organs inside the body, and cancer can develop from any one of those.

How Many Types of Cancer Are There