Hemorrhoids occur to almost half of the older adult population around the globe. This is fairly common however; no one wants to have them. They are very uncomfortable to deal with and may greatly alter your defecation routine. Hemorrhoids are actually swollen veins found in the rectum and at the anal sphincter. They tend to be painful causing it to be very uncomfortable. They could either be internal or external. Internal hemorrhoids are located inside the anal area while external hemorrhoids are also called prolapsing hemorrhoids in which the swelling extends up to the rectum. Many people find it very difficult to deal with hemorrhoids and would usually do just about anything to get rid of it even try hemorrhoids home remedy.

There is a certain portion of the population who are more prone to having hemorrhoids. This includes pregnant women and older adults. Hemorrhoids if not treated and managed well could cause complications such as incontinence and also rectal bleeding. It is best that from early on, prompt attention should be given to it. Most would go directly to the doctors and undergo surgery, for those who could not afford this; there are still alternative home remedies that you could try. Here are some examples that could help you.

  • One of the things that most people with hemorrhoids complain about is the burning sensation that they feel around the anus. This is rather chronic and could be felt at any time of the day whatever activity he or she is engaged in.  You could be able to address this symptom by using natural ingredients. To help soothe the pain and itching at the area, you can utilize a compress of witch hazel. This ingredient is naturally known for its soothing properties. If you want an alternative which is better available, then Aloe Vera would do also. This is a good remedy topically for skin irritation as well. A special blend of essential oils can also do the trick, just make sure that you have an almond base and add the oils of lavender, rosemary, lemon, juniper and cypress.
  • Another hemorrhoids home remedy to use to make the hemorrhoids smaller would be the use of anti-inflammatory ingredients and vasoconstrictors. You must remember that hemorrhoids are dilated veins located in the anus. You can shrink this by also shrinking the blood vessel. This would lessen the pain and hasten relief over the pain. There are herbs that are actually under these classifications namely horse chestnut, Collinsonia root powder and butcher’s broom. They are more practical to be used for they cost less and also have fewer side effects than commercial creams being sold in the market.
  • Some scientists also believe in the combination of natural herbs formed as paste in treating the symptoms presented by hemorrhoids and getting rid of it permanently. A combination of goldenseal, mullein, alumroot, witch hazel and slippery elm was suggested by Daniel Mowrey, Ph.D. This is actually mixed in any amount of combination as long as softened with water. A noted British herbalist also has his own formula with the use of calendula, yarrow, plantain, camomile and St. John’s Worth. Make sure that you use about a tablespoon of each ingredient and mixed in almond oil. You use this by directly applying it to the affected area after each bowel movement.

Still one of the best ways to make sure that hemorrhoids do not occur is having regular bowel movement. You can do this by drinking lots of water every day at least six to eight glasses as recommended. You can also increase the fibre in your diet. This is one hemorrhoids home remedy that is tested and proven true.