We all want to improve the appearance and esthetics of our skin.

After all, the skin is the largest organ in the body that we quite literally wear and unfortunately,

it is adversely affected by the ravages of time, repeated sun exposures, as well as unhealthy lifestyle factors or disease.

There are many cosmetics on the market promising to confer miracle skin benefits to hopeful consumers,

but many fail to effectively deliver these advantages.

As we age, the elasticity and resilient quality of the skin declines as collagen and elastin slow in their rate of production.

improving skin quality

we have numerous formulations that seek to improve the well-being of our customers, including improving skin quality.

Green Care Beauty supplement: Collagen+

The beauty supplement formulation at Green Care has a propriety blend of eight active ingredients, such as antioxidants,

known to combat skin aging, oxidative stress, and inflammation.

One of the prominent, research approved ingredients this product contains is hydrolyzed beta-collagen.

Unlike topical collagen preparations which are physically unable to penetrate the skin and affect endogenous collagen production, conversely,

ingested hydrolyzed collagen collects in the skin reservoir while strengthening and incorporating those proteins into collagen fibrils.

This builds the existing collagen matrix in the skin’s epithelium and drastically improves skin hydration,

and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (A. Barel et al., 2008) (Borumand & Sabilla, 2015).

Hyaluronic Acid

This supplement also contains hyaluronic acid, a molecule known to gel things together.

and is imperative in wound repair and is an important constituent in many tissues such as connective tissue, joints, neural tissue, and skin.

Randomized control trials show that ingested hyaluronic acid actually gets transferred to the dermis of the skin where it absorbs water,

forms a viscous gel, and improves skin hydration.

Studies suggest it may even help support the differentiation and proliferation of dermal fibroblasts that ultimately improve skin integrity and texture (K. Meyer et al., 2014).


Another final ingredient to draw attention to is a marine algal-derived pigment that is responsible for the pinkish hue of various crustaceans and salmon, called astaxanthin.

This pigment molecule has garnered much attention for its potential biological health benefits including the skin.

Studies show that the consumption of astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals that contributes to:

skin damage and aging, as well as activating cellular antioxidant pathways directly.

It is also an antinflammatory and immunomodulatory agent that mitigates and heals UV epithelial damage caused by sun exposure and is effective at treating inflammatory conditions off the skin (Davinelli, Nielsen, & Scapagnini, 2018).

At Green care, we value the desires and health of our customers

We are confident that you will find that our collagen containing beauty capsules will help improve the quality and hydration of your skin,

combat the effects of age and sun-related damage while improving overall health.

You can find this and other related health supplements at GreenCare.ae