Lean Cuisine Overview:

Let’s admit it, most Americans and other nationalities alike are meat eaters and lovers of anything meaty. Most of these cuisines are loaded with high calories and fats such as burgers, hotdogs, spaghetti, and of course, pizza. Let’s say you’re part of this happy group with their meaty delicacies, then one day, you end up in the hospital and your physician recommends that you must have a diet modification and he restricts your fats, calories and cholesterol intake into low levels. Gone are the days when you are enjoying your burger in your favorite spot in the park. No more happy times? Well, this is the most common struggle a patient with diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular problems such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, and persons at-risk for stroke has. Limiting your usual, even your favorite food, can be emotionally distressing. For people who cannot eliminate meat in their diet, lean meat is highly recommended. Lean meat is not only for persons with diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Lean meat is also perfect for dieters who would like to lower their caloric intake. With these in mind, the company Lean Cuisine is founded in 1981. With meals ranging 200 and 400 calories each, Lean Cuisine is designed to help in weight loss by providing calorie and portion control.Also, Lean Cuisines are designed to lower the amount of fats, cholesterol and preservatives you get from what you consume. Plus, it does not compromise the taste!

Advantages of Lean Cuisine:

Lean Cuisine is a line of frozen TV meals made up of lean meat and other healthy ingredients. You could either buy this or make these cuisines for yourself. These products can be bought in Kroger Store at a very reasonable price. Once bought, these products are ready to eat. Just microwave and presto! Americans love pizza so as a product sample, let us compare a normal Four Cheese Pizza to Lean Cuisine’s Four Cheese Pizza. A normal pizza has an amount per serving of:

310 calories, 11 grams total fat which is 17% in daily value. Saturated fat is 5 grams which is 25% in daily value. Cholesterol is 20 mg which is 7% in daily value. Sodium content is 830mg which is 35% in daily value. Total carbohydrates are 40 grams which is 13% in daily value. (Source: caloriecount.about.com)

Lean Cuisine’s pizza however has:

350 calories, 6 grams total fat which is 9% in daily value. Saturated fat is 2 grams which is 0% in daily value. Cholesterol is 10mg which is 3% in daily value. Sodium content is 600mg which is 25% in daily value. Total carbohydrates are 55 grams which is 19% in daily value. Aside from those stated, it is also rich in protein and potassium.

Lean meat can be divided into lean and extra lean. Fishes are a great source of lean meats and omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are known to lower blood pressure protecting your heart and enhance immune function.


Lean Cuisine is good for dieters and obese clients who want to cut down weight. Diabetic clients, people with high cholesterol levels, stroke-risk, atherosclerosis and hypertension may patronize Lean Cuisine products with caution or better yet with a doctor’s permission because like many commercial products, the sodium content, even though lower than ordinary foods, is still high. Lean Cuisine can be paired with whole-grain bread, fresh vegetables or a bowl of salad for a really good balanced meal. Drinking water instead of other beverages keeps the total of the calories at around the 400 range. You need to eat snacks that only consist of only fresh fruits, some low fat yogurt, a lot of vegetables or even unsalted popcorn in between your meals and these healthy snack options will keep your rumbling belly tame without adding too much calories. Dieters should not cut down too much carbohydrates and calories, exercise and eliminate stress because studies show that weight gain can result from too much dieting and calorie tracking. There is always a fun way to lower your weight. Just don’t be too hard on yourself and discover more options.