Bug bites while sleeping can disturb our sleep. It can or cannot cause danger in our body but several bug bites need quick treatment and others may get cured on their own. Bed bugs are annoying but they are harmless and not recognized to spread diseases. Bed bugs are the most common bugs that dwell usually in bed.

Bed bugs are flat, parasitic and feed on human blood. They are active by night and usually asleep during day time. Bed bugs are wingless and tiny insects.  They can bite in any part of our body and we cannot sense that we have been bitten.  So, if your bed is inhabited with many bed bugs, then it is very impossible for you to have a good night sleep. Their bite is same to mosquito bite. They use their beaks to break skin and consume the plenty supply of blood.  They leave their saliva into the break skin but it doesn’t contain diseases or pathogens.  Their saliva may cause allergy to those people who have sensitive skin. Their bites appear reddish and swell after 10 minutes to 24 hours accompanied by itchiness. They attack the person occupying the bed. Bug bites are painless.

Bed with many holes is the best hiding place for bed bugs. Bed bugs do not populate in beds only. They also hide in cracks and crevices of bedside furniture, seams and folds of matrices and in other protected spaces.  And they also dwell in pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, towels, clothing, egg foam, cardboard stacks and in water beds.  Bed bugs loved to live in warm temperature areas and cannot survive in cold areas with the temperature below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.  Cold temperature must be maintained.

Human blood is the bed bug’s favorite food. They suck human blood with the use of their mouth and it takes 5-10 minutes for them to fill their bodies with blood. They also feed on warm blooded host’s animal. These little creatures will leave red bites on your skin. Usually on your face, shoulders, neck, arms and hands and the bit area is swelled up. Their bites last longer and will itch. Their bites result in swelling and irritation.

If you scratch the bit area you may suffer from skin infection. Do not scratch the area because it will become worse. Apply cold compress and antiseptic soap on bit area because it can reduce itchiness. The fast way to treat bite is to wash it with water and soap so that the inflammation will be lessened. Anti-itch creams are available in drugstores. You can also apply lotion and antibiotic creams. Apply repellant on your skin so that bed bugs will be hesitant to get near you.

We know that bed bugs don’t fly because they don’t have wings and not able to walk very far on their own, these bed bugs depend on us to move them from one place to another.  Bed bugs are transported to other rooms through our belongings and that is one of the reasons why rooms become infested with bed bugs.

Clean your home and surroundings thoroughly to get rid of these kinds of pests. Proper hygiene and cleanliness is one way to control bed bugs. Change your bedding at least once a week. Clean your rooms regularly and be sure that all bedding and clothing is clean and free from pests like bed bugs. Using dangerous insecticides inside your home is not a good idea and is very cautious.  Frequent cleaning and inspection of hiding place is the best way to control bed bugs.