The Danger behind Breast Cancer


Cancer nowadays has been increasing in numbers of cases worldwide and more people are victims of this virus, some will lead to fatality and eventually death. Did you know that over 182, 000 new cases annually belongs to breast cancer cases and approximately 42, 200 population lead to death. Yes, indeed each year, breast cancer cases bigger and the stigma create a big impact in the community and to its people. Furthermore, because of the fear of being one of the victim people tried to seek prevention and study more the breast cancer disease in order to fully understand the pathophysiology of it, its histologic differentiation, the staging of the tumor, the treatment and even the survival percentage once the cancer is present. These things can truly help the people at risks for breast cancer. Let us discover how cancer develops and the treatments behind this disease.


Breast cancer or also known as carcinoma of the breast, is the leading cause of cancer among women. Mostly, cancer cells begins to develop in the lining of the milk duct eventually grows in the walls of the duct and later on, into the fatty tissues. Cancer cells are usually spread to other nearest area through the aide of the lymphatic system. That is why; staging of cancer depends on the progression of the cells in a certain area and the degree of its metastasis. On the other hand, once breast cancer is present, clinical a manifestation of symptom begins to appear and experience by the patients. First, observe the symmetry of the breast. In a breast cancer, the breast changes its size or shape or even have an abnormal breast contours.

Second, there is a nipple discharges upon pressing; it may b spontaneously draining to a bloody, clear or serous discharges. Third, the lump in the breast as you press the area of it is usually painless. Usually, the common mass of the breast cancer found or located in the upper quadrant of the breast. However, pain is not usually an indication of an early warning sign of breast cancer, it depends on the cases. Fourth, there is nipple retraction or scaliness. Lastly, the late signs are pain, edema, and orange peel skin this is from interference of the lymphatic drainage and the last sign is ulcerations. These symptoms are the common manifestations experience by the patients suffering from breast cancer. You wonder, where this cancer cells come from. Later on this page you will discover the risk factor that causes the development of the breast cancer.


There are several causes and risk factors that lead to the development of breast cancer. First, family history found to be accountable for breast cancer, about 30% of breast cancer cases comes from this. Furthermore, susceptible genes like BRCA1 and BRCA2 contributes to 5-10% of all breast cancer. Secondly, carcinogens play an important in contributing to the development of breast cancer. Third, age is the greatest single risk factor for the development of breast cancer. Fourth, research shows that nulliparity, menopause, early menarche, being pregnant at age of 30 and having a history of benign breast disease, these can contribute to the development of breast cancer. Fifth, long term contraceptive use lie estrogens and progestin these can stimulate tumor growth and later on can lead to the development of breast cancer. These are the predisposing and precipitating factors that will contribute to cancer.


On the other hand, once there is a susceptibility of cancer development, there are certain tests and diagnostic procedures that confirm the diagnosis of breast cancer. One of the tests is biopsy or aspiration of the mass in the breast. This procedure is the best for cancer diagnosis and also, it is used to determine what type of breast cancer a patient have. Then, another test is mammography it is an x-ray of the breast also used for screening for the abnormalities of the breast, and used also to examine any possible lump in the breast. It is the sensitive method use in early detection of breast cancer as well as it detects clustered micro calcifications. Furthermore, mammography is considered the most accurate method in detecting non-palpable lesions. In addition to this, to detect for metastasis, there are laboratory tests conducted for this. Increased calcium and alkaline levels indicates possible bony metastasis.

On the other hand, an increase values on liver function test also indicated possible liver metastasis. These tests can truly a factor in determining the degree of metastasis on the cancer cells. Additionally, to further assess the metastatic work up chest x-ray, bone CT scan and brain scan can also be helpful in confirming the diagnosis of breast cancer. It is very important to the patient to undergo these diagnostic procedures especially those who are suspected to have a great probability of acquiring breast cancer, because physicians will have a guide in making the correct diagnosis later on, to come up to a good management program for the treatment of it, so that survival rates will increase and will result to good prognosis. Once the diagnosis is made, succeeding treatments will follow.


The method of treatment is based and depend on the type of malignancy, the stage of the cancer cells, presence of metastasis specific histologic cell type and the condition of the patient it itself. Usually, the physician will ordered series of cancer treatments like radiation, surgery, chemotherapy and any combination of these treatments. First, is radiation therapy, this therapy uses high-powered energy and ionizing beams, these will cause molecular damage, biochemical changes and later on leads to cell death, because it disrupts the reproductive cycle of the cancer cells. Furthermore, it is used after a mastectomy or the removal of breast tissue in patients which have large tumors that involves the chest walls and in the axillary lymph nodes. Usually, the radiation therapy can last up to 5 treatments in a week for 6-7 weeks longer.

Moreover, there are radioactive materials that are implanted in the body after the external treatment is completed. Since every treatment have corresponding side effects, so it is understood that radiation therapy also has, these includes dry cough, sore throat, mild fatigue, anorexia, nausea, the skin will look and feel sunburned- these is because of frequent radiation exposure, and also the breast becomes firm. Second, is surgery, these includes mastectomy of the breast and also breast preserving procedures. These procedures includes biopsy or surgical removal of a certain tissue and this will be a sample use to verify diagnostically in the presence of malignancy by a pathologist, also there is a palliative surgery prophylactic surgery, reconstructive or rehabilitative surgery, curative surgery and debulking surgery. When we say rehabilitative surgery, it is used for repairing defects that results from previous radical surgery of the breast. Palliative surgery means it is a kind of surgery that relieves any complications of the cancer. Prophylactic surgery also is a removal of lesions that left in the body that can be a possibility in developing into a new cancer cells. Curative surgery on the other hand, is a removal of a primary site of cancer or any lymph nodes to which the cancer cells has been extended.

Did you know that surgery is the best method to eliminate cancer cells in the breast? Yes, once early lump is detected through screening, surgery is usually recommended to completely remove the cancer mass. Another is chemotherapy; this procedure uses antineoplastic drugs to destruct tumor cells by interfering cellular functions and its reproduction. Usually, chemotherapy begins 4 weeks after the surgery of the breast and is given 3-4 weeks lasting for 6-9 month treatment until the body is free of cancer cells. Additionally, the main drugs used for breast cancer is cyclophosphamide, 5-fluorouracil (5-FU), methotrexate (Mexate), paclitaxel (Taxol) and doxorubicin (Adriamycin). Still these treatments also have side effects like alopecia or hair loss. That is why, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy tends to be bald. Another is bone marrow suppression, nausea, weight loss, stomatitis, anxiety, depression and premature menopause. Because of these side effects, patients are prone to encounter flu-like diseases for their immune system is low and they cannot easily fight invading pathogens. It is important to support the cancer patients so that they will not feel alone and depressed.


However, if some patients didn’t want synthetic treatment lie mention above, well, there are also alternative treatments that somehow help in eliminating cancer cells. Here are some herbal therapies that can be used instead of pharmacologic treatments. These herbal supplements are essiac tea, Harry hoxsey formulas, Pau D’ Arco and Chaparral. They found out that frequent use of these herbal remedies can lessen the cancer cells. Another alternative also is nutritional therapies. This includes macrobiotics, wheat grass therapies and Moerman’s anticancer diet. Studies shows that diet containing this product can help in eliminating cancer cells and can stop the proliferation of cells to distant areas.

Also, these have anticancer contents that greatly help patients prevent from getting cancer cells especially those who are at risks. There are also adjunctive therapies like hyperthermia, live cell therapy, chelation, oxygen therapy which includes ozone and DMSO therapy. And lastly, there are energy medicines like homeopathy, ayurveda, bioelectric therapies and any Chinese medicines. This will further help in eliminating breast cancer. But, before choosing this alternative treatments, be sure that you will discuss it with your physician, for they know what the best for your own benefits are. And also, this will prevent further complications in the long run. 


Unfortunately, if treatments are not successful, then maybe, metastasis will happen, since it is the main complication of any cancer types. Usually, the most common indicators that metastasis takes place includes bone pain, weight loss, neurologic changes, anaemia, cough, shortness of breath, vague chest discomfort and pleuritic pain. Furthermore, the most common sites of metastasis are lungs, bones, liver, brain and lymph nodes. If these happen, the cancer cells can hardly be treated because they are spreading throughout the system through the aide of blood circulation. And it not controlled, it will lead to death.

That is why, before reaching the fatality of cancer, it needs great effort in order to prevent cancer cell development. First, if you are at risks of having breast cancer, have an annual screening of your breast like annual mammography. Second, practice breast self examination 1 wee after your menstruation. This will help you determine any lump in your breast. Third, balance diet with no carcinogenic agents present. And lastly, regular exercise is important to practice, for it gives you good and strong immune system. And the most important of all is prayer. It is the strongest prevention against any cancer supplements.


Therefore, the best methods of preventing cancer development are to avoid things that contribute to the cancer formation. Have a good lifestyle that is active and stress free for it can help you live healthy and cancer free.

It is quite difficult for a person to understand what is breast cancer and how can it be avoided because a lot of people are having a cancer of the breast without them knowing it. Cancer of the breast is not just a health problem in females because there are also some males who have this kind of medical condition. This is also called a malignant neoplasm that is instigating from the tissue of the breast. The most familiar site is in the milk ducts and the lobules which supplies milk. The most common signs and symptoms is severe pain on the chest and swelling of the breast. Most of the time, an individual who has cancer of the breast will feel a lump on their breast. This is the reason why every individual should regularly do a breast self examination.

This way, they will be able to detect if they have cancer of the breast immediately. Even a young adult can also have this kind of cancer, most especially if they have a family member who also has cancer of the breast. Sure we love to joke about checking the checking the breasts of the women we love for cancer, but breast cancer is no laughing matter. For men or women. According to statistics from the American Cancer Society, around 1,990 cases of male breast cancer occurred in 2008. It is rare but it is affecting men from all over the world in slightly smaller numbers. Every man needs to know about the possibility and dangers of male breast cancer. Arm yourself with information and catch cancer early.