Birth control or oral contraceptives are believed to help in curing acne and we’ll discuss about Best Birth Control For Acne. Thus, if you are looking to try this method and fight this type of skin problem, you need to identify the best birth control for acne treatment. There are several birth control methods that you can use and you can find out how to make the right choice by reading further below.

Birth control through intake of oral pills is not new to the market. This is designed to prevent ovulation and keep the eggs from being fertilized. Of course, many of those who purchase this kind of pill do so in order to prevent pregnancy; however, many have used this for acne treatment and is considered as an effective treatment method.

So, what are the advantages of Best Birth Control For Acne?

There are advantages and disadvantages involved with taking birth control to treat your acne. Thus, it might be ideal to see your dermatologist first before you decide to intake oral contraceptives. You can also seek for recommendation on the best birth control for acne.

Your dermatologist or physician will examine your medical record before prescribing a birth control pill that will eliminate your acne problem. There are complications that could arise with this method, although it is generally considered as safe.     One teenage girl even died from the intake of a particular brand of contraceptives after she suffered blood clotting as a side effect. She used the pill both for acne treatment and birth control purposes. There are risks involved but it can also be very effective when you choose the right brand of pills.

Recommendations for Best Birth Control For Acne

There are several oral birth control pills that use natural herbs for its formula. They are recommended to balance the hormones and prevent acne problems. There are currently 3 FDA-approved birth control pills that women can intake for treating acne: Ortho Tri-Cyclen (or Ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate), Estrostep (or Ethinyl estradiol and norethindrone), and Yaz (or Ethinyl estradiol drospirenone).

Birth control pills treat acne by eliminating the excess sebum that causes formation of acne on the skin surface. Since it targets only this specific cause of acne, it might not be effective on all types of acne. But if you want to give this treatment method a shot, then you should opt for the most famous brand recommended for acne treatment – Yasmin. It helps to reduce the presence of oil in your skin and prevent clogging of the skin pores. In addition, it is believed to control hormones like androgens that is mainly responsible for producing an excess amount of oil on the skin, thus triggering acne formation.

If you are in doubt about what is the best birth control for acne, make sure to consult your doctor first. They will assess your medical history and physical health condition to determine what birth control pill can deliver the best results. They can recommend the best treatment for your acne skin problem. Also, it will help to prevent any serious side effects or complications from this form of acne treatment. This option must only be considered when acne does not respond to other treatments. Remember to becareful when choosing the Best Birth Control For Acne.