The Burden of Back Pain


The human body can feel discomfort once it is over exhausted in the daily activities. In fact, once the body is exhausted, the tendency is that, the body can have muscle pain because of muscle spasticity. Generally, muscle pain or back pain is typically one of the common complaints of most people. It is sometimes associated with daily activities that most people are bombarded will more stress which will later on triggers muscle pain.

Moreover, there are lots of causes to where the pain originates, that is why, it is very important that the patient can truly understand the exact cause of the muscle pain that they experience so that they can also know the right treatment regimen. In this article, you will discover the nature of back pain to where it originates, the burdens it gives to the patient experiencing this symptoms and know the proper management as well as the prevention of this condition.


In the medical term dorsalgia or back pain in the lay man’s term is commonly defined as the pain in the back that come from the nerves, joints, bones, muscles and even in the spines. The pain maybe intermittent in nature, a sharp or burning or piercing sensation that usually radiates in the arms, hands and goes down to the legs or feet. Also, the intensity of pain varies according to the extent of pain. That is why, during the assessment phase, the patient needs to describe carefully the pain by using the pain scale method.

This way, the physician will have a better view and understanding how much pain is being perceived by the patient. According to medical studies, the back is experiencing pain; it’s because of the interconnecting system of nerves that supply in the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints that is the primary reason in producing pain. Because of the nerve that begins in the spine down to the lower extremities, the pain tends radiate. Also, pain is triggered if there is muscle spasticity in the area.  


There are different causes why humans suffer back pain. Furthermore, pain in the back can be classified based on the anatomic structure of the human body, it can either be in the upper back, middle back or lower back portion. The pain usually either is acute, sub acute or chronic in nature. In the medical explanation, the exact cause of back pain comes in different etiology. Back pain sometimes associated with specific and non specific causes.

When we say specific cause of back pain, it indicates any underlying medical problems or serious pathology that the body is suffering, like for example the body has any forms of cancer, injury, spinal fractures or infection perhaps. On the other hand, specific cause of back pain is believed that it originates in the soft tissues such as ligaments, muscles and fascia. Once these compartments are disturbed then pain will be trigger.

Moreover, when someone experiences back pain, probably, it can be a sign of serious medical manifestation that needs immediate medical interventions. That is why, do not delay this sign if you noticed it earlier because you didn’t know the exact cause of this kind of pain. Remember that immediate actions can save your life. Aside from that, pregnancy especially in the later trimester can trigger back pain. This is due to the too much weight of the baby that the mother is carrying, that is why the muscles in the back portion is being strained and will end up to experienced pain in the back.  


To know the exact cause of pain health care providers will initiate first a thorough assessment of evaluating back pain. Data gathering is important especially in the assessment phase so that they can give proper management of back pain and to come up in a good prognosis later on. This will explore the reasons behind back pain, in this technique the health care providers will have good information in order to come up with the right treatment plan.

Additionally, some physicians will order ct scan of the back which includes the spinal column to determine if there is any underlying conditions that initiates in back pain, like for example spinal disc herniation, spinal cord injury, etc. Moreover, some physicians also want to use MRI or any radiographic technology in order to explore and investigate further the condition and to rule out serious medical conditions. These tests are very important in diagnosing back pain so that proper implementation will be develops.


In giving the right management of back pain, the ultimate goal of this treatment to reduce or eradicate the cause of back pain if possible in order to alleviate the pain that the patient experience because it is very uncomfortable as well as to return patient in their normal functioning. A treatment in alleviating back pain includes the use of pharmacologic therapies that surely have a great help in pain management. Taking Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDS have been very effective in alleviating back pain.

However, these kinds of medication found out to have more adverse effects compared to other analgesic medications. Other drug that helps in managing back pain is the use of corticosteroids. Most of the cases of patients suffering back pain testify that this certain corticosteroids medication can help in controlling the pain. On the other hand, there are non-pharmacologic therapies that can also be a big help. First is massage therapy.

A special massage in the area of back pain with a professional therapist can provide relief in managing pain. Second is the use of acupuncture can be more beneficial also in alleviating back pain. This kind of therapy can provide relaxing effects on the patient that suffers pain. Thirdly is heat therapy, this will relieved muscle spasticity and pain in the back that can give the patient right pain management. Fourth, is cold compression therapy, with the use of ice pack application this can provide immediate relief of back pain for it gives vasoconstriction that initiate pain relief. Lastly, proper and constant exercise will surely help in reducing pain. This kind of activity is very effective in treating back pain.

Aside from that in the exercise you will be encourage to have proper posture so that it cannot trigger pain in the back and also it can minimize pain. However, if back pain is associated with some underlying problems then the physician will provide other management that can cure this kind of condition in order to manage back pain. Sometimes, the physician will undergo surgery if the case is seriously enough to require this kind of intervention. Examples are back surgery or spinal surgery especially for lumbar disc herniation, spinal fractures or scoliosis. This management promotes optical pain relief for the patients suffering back pain.


Prevention is very important in order to avoid pain in the back. A responsible individual should know how to take good care of the human body. You should practice daily exercises in order to free your body from stressing factors of the daily activity in the environment. Also, maintain a correct posturing so that the muscles in the back will not be strained that can be a cause of back pain. Researches proved that a person who has a correct posture is less likely to experience back pain. Proper rest and relaxing activities are also encourages so that the body will not be exhausted with stress.

After a long work, you need to freshen up and go to relaxing place or do a relaxing body massage in order to prevent back pains. And lastly balance diet is very important in preventing this kind of condition. That is why, to be healthy and pain free you need to invest very carefully on things that can give you satisfaction and provides pain free body. You need to exercise extra effort to achieve the desired outcome in preventing back pain. Always remember this, that prevention is better than cure. And most especially, this way you will assured that you will not experienced pain if you yourself know how to manage your daily activities and throw away all your stressors.  


Once the body will experienced some kind of pain like back pain, do not take it for granted by just ignoring it because you didn’t know the exact reason for it. You need to explore where this back pain originates and seek immediate attention to your physician so that you will discover and understand fully why you experienced pain in the back. In this way also, early detection of some pathological condition that associated with back pain can have diagnose early and immediately intervened with it in order to save someone’s life. Remember that pain can be a sign of serious diseases.

So, careful assessment is highly encouraged to come up with a good management plan. If you focused more on how to prevent this phenomenon, then there is a big probability that you will not suffer back pain. Careful and right management as well as self discipline will start in you, follow what the professionals advice to you and faithfully obey this, rest assured that you will achieved the desired goal that you develop in the first place and good outcome will be produced.

Back Problems – How to treat your back when it hurts and have problems? There are various ways in which the structures of the back can be damaged. Bones can be broken by a violent blow, sustained, for example, in a cat accident or a fall from a horse. Muscles can be strained and sometimes torn suring strenuous exercise. Other kinds of injuries can be the result of years of manual work.

Damage can also be caused by degenerative disease, by malformation of the bones and simply by growing old. In addition, back pain can be a symptom of other conditions. What is avulsion? When a muscle tendon tears a piece off one of a vertebra’s bony transverse processes, this causes an avulsion. One in five of us will suffer back pain severe enough to take time off work at some point in our lives, and one in three will have some kind of treatment, from drugs to physiotherapy, to relieve it.

Yet, there are many simple preventive measures you can take against back pain, and many options to help you if you do find yourself suffering from a back problem. In this category, we will describes all the various problems and condition that can cause back pain and back problems, together with advice on minimizing their impact to your body.