The Danger behind Asthma Attack

Asthma Introduction:

The airway is the important component of the human’s life. It is the first to prioritize when problems arise because once the airway is obstructed then the life of the person will be in danger. Furthermore, in the human anatomy, our respiratory system is the responsible for the breathing and oxygen delivery towards the lungs. It is important to know the anatomy of our respiratory system so that, once problem is identified, then we can distinguish where in the area of the system have problems. This way, we can be able to understand fully the disease and analyze the right treatment course once the disease appears. Just like the case of asthma. The asthma is a serious condition that needs to be treated immediately because it can put the life of the person at risk. As you go through to this page you will find out the danger behind the asthma attack.

Asthma Definition:

Medically speaking, asthma is a serious condition characterized by chronic inflammatory disease in the airways, in which the symptoms are variable and recurring; there is also bronchospasm and reversible airway obstruction. Aside from that, the symptoms of asthma should be immediately monitored because obstruction can create damage on the brain once oxygen delivery is impaired. Indeed, this condition is highly dangerous for it can impede our breathing pattern. Furthermore, there are causes and risk factors that need you to know in developing asthma.

Asthma Causes and risk factors:

Specifically, the exact causes of developing asthma are the environmental and genetic factors. It is thought that thus causes can contribute in developing asthma on some person’s. Know why? Well, research find out that because of outdoor air pollutants with high levels of endotoxins exposure, may contribute in the occurrence of the disease as well as exacerbation of asthma among children.  That is why, an increase in morbidity and mortality among children is observed due to asthma attack. Aside from that, viral infections may also be risk factors in developing asthma especially in the younger children. Also, infections in the respiratory system like Chlamydia pneumonia, Bordetella pertussis and rhinovirus are somehow contribute in the developing asthma. Another environmental cause that has higher risk factors is the maternal tobacco smoking during pregnancy and even after delivery, once the child is expose to this smoke the tendency is, they will have a greater risk in having asthma-like symptoms. Furthermore, too much exposure from high ozone levels and traffic pollution can also be at risks in acquiring asthma. And lastly, genetic factor is one of the primary causes of developing asthma. According to researches, having asthmatic parents on the each side thought that it can contribute the children in developing asthma later on. Although the exact explanation of genetic involving the genes is not clearly explain and understand, however, there are things in life that even science cannot explain. Maybe, it is the gift of life that everyone should discover, for there are functions in our body that no explanation at all.  

Asthma Symptoms:

As you observe person’s having asthma attack you notice the very common signs and symptoms they experience. Usually, there are early signs of asthma that the patient will experience before the classic symptoms of asthma appear. These are cough or wheezing that will aggravate when you have physical activity, increase episodes of cough during night time, there is decrease in peak expiratory flow rate and restless will also be experience. In addition to this, once the asthma attack will worsen, then the airway will be constricted and inflamed causing more mucus production that will obstruct the airway passage. And once obstruction is present, the typical symptoms of chronic coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath will follow. Aside from that, they suffer from chest tightness and when breath, they will use their accessory muscles because the airway cannot supply much air needed by the lungs. Furthermore, the symptoms will worsen at night or usually early in the morning, also it will aggravate on peak season like too much heat or too much cold weather. These manifestations are commonly observed of asthma patients. That is why, once the person are under attack by asthma it should be immediately given treatment to relieve the bronchospasm they experience and be able to deliver enough oxygen in the lungs. This will prevent cyanosis or lacking of oxygen in the body.

Asthma Treatments and medications:

Once the symptoms are visible, it is important to consult with a physician immediately in order to treat the symptoms right away. Usually, the physician will prescribe asthma medications that can treat the asthma either short term or long term therapy. Since, asthma is a lifelong condition, it should be very important to choose the right medications for you to take in order to alleviate the symptoms that asthma brings. Furthermore, take in mind that the treatments of asthma should have an alleviation of the symptoms like control the airway inflammation, provide relief for the asthma itself and prevent severity of the condition. There are medications that give the asthma patient a long-term or quick relief of symptoms; these are the anti-inflammatory drugs, since the airway is inflamed. This type of medications contains steroids or usually named as corticosteroids drugs, which is an inhaled form, a drug of choice. Also, the mast cell stabilizers are important in treating inflammatory condition suffer in asthma cases. The effects of these medications will lessen the swelling and mucus production that causes obstruction in the airway thus it will provide relief. Moreover, the condition of asthma has bronchospasm so; the doctor will prescribe bronchodilator drugs that will dilate the airway passage thus easy expectoration of the mucus will follow. Theophylline drug, also a bronchodilator, uses to prevent night time symptoms in order for you to sleep peacefully at night. On the other hand, there are also an alternative if steroids and mast cell stabilizers are not available or is contraindicated by some patients, this are the Leukotrienes modifiers. However, if inhaled form of medications is not effective, then Xolair medications is commonly prescribe, these drugs are injectable asthma drugs use to treat in moderate to severe asthma condition. Follow the treatment course for you to have long term relief of your asthma. If symptoms persist, you should report it immediately to your physician so that immediate treatments will advice.      

Asthma Alternative therapy and supplements:

On the other hand, many people will turn to alternative medicines rather than dependent on synthetic medications. These alternative treatments include dietary supplements and modifications, herbs, acupuncture, exercises, massage therapy and biofeedback. If there are no complications using these alternative treatments then why not use it, it will assure you safe side effects and effectiveness of the treatment in the asthma conditions. In the alternative therapies, exercises like yoga can help asthmatic patient in doing breathing exercises, these will help relieve the stress of the patients that trigger the attacks. Another thing is herbs and vitamins, there are herbs like ephedra, a Chinese herbal herb that relieves inflammation and bronchospasm and use as a bronchodilator. Furthermore, water therapy is a great help in alleviating the symptoms of asthma condition, because water have miracle healing effects that no one can explain. Diet modification also help in alleviating the symptoms can prevent the triggering factors that worsen or start the attack. And lastly, lifestyle modification will surely help asthmatic patients. The avoidance of triggering factors is a key role in preventing the attacks, such as allergens, pollutants, tobacco and sulfide containing foods. If you put it on heart and prevent the factors that worsen the attack then probably the attack will no longer be severe. And also, bear in mind that before you go with alternative medication. Be sure that the doctor will consent you on turning the use of supplements and alternative treatment if you didn’t want to go on synthetic medications.

Asthma Prevention:

On the other hand, prevention is better than cure, so it is important to know the preventions among asthmatic patients, so that it will avoid the severity of the condition. Proper cooperation’s of your doctor will be a plus to prevent your condition, because it will provide you a good treatment plan and things that you need to avoid. Among asthmatic patients, first thing to prevent is, identify the triggering factors and learn to avoid this so that it will not trigger an attack. Second, obediently follow your doctor on asthma plan; this plan will help you prevent the condition to worsen. Third, always asses and monitor your breathing pattern. In this way, proper monitoring of breathing pattern will help you identify early warning signs of asthma attack thus, immediate management will be given. Fourth, always identify and treat the attacks early, this way it will prevent severity of the condition. Aside from that, once early treatment is implemented, you don’t anymore need to take such medications if early management is done. Fifth, always pay attention to increase the relief of inhaler use. Always check and obey the advice of your physician when it comes to adjusting the treatment. And lastly, take the medication on time and as prescribe. Be obedient enough to follow the doctor’s treatment plan and always cooperate with them.  

Complications of Asthma:

However, if all the asthma treatments will fail, then complications will surely develop. Since the disease affects the lungs itself, there is constriction on the airway and excessive mucus production and then the common complications that follow among asthmatic patients are pneumothorax and status asthmaticus. When it comes to pneumothorax, generally, it means an air is leaking outside in the lungs. Sometimes it may be a cause of overstretch alveoli or air sac in the lungs. While status asthmaticus, it is a condition which is life threatening complications on asthma patients, in which the attack does not anymore respond on the usual asthma treatments. Usually, there is a resistance among the medication use and exacerbate the condition which may late on lead to death. Others will have lifestyle complications and corticosteroid side effects. Basically, these complications will surely affect the person’s overall health, so it is important to take good care of your condition to prevent such complications to happen.

Asthma in child:

According to world health organizations, asthma is the leading cause of chronic illness among children age 5 years old and above. Just like an ordinary cases of asthma in adults, the causative factors are the same, the environmental and genetic predisposition, they contributes in developing asthma in children. More often, the factors like frequent respiratory infections, presence of allergy, family history, low birth weight, too much exposure of tobacco smoke and other air pollutants and belong in the low-income family can contribute in the developing of asthma. By frequent exposure of these allergens, the immune system will eventually react and these will trigger an attack. Later on this will create a disorder, in which the body will fail to enough protective antibodies thus developing asthma. Furthermore, the management and treatment are all the same in the adult asthma but the dose is much lesser than the adult dose.


Therefore, asthma is a condition that needs immediate treatment plan. It should take a careful step in following your doctor’s advice and be sure that you will be obedient enough to take it by heart. Also, most important is to avoid the factors that trigger the attack because this will aggravate the symptoms you experience. And finally, never ever adjust the treatment of your medications on your own without a physician’s consent because it will lead to status asthmatics and later on it will put you on danger.