As human will undergo aging, many diseases will arise on its way, up to the end of their lives. Sometimes these diseases will affect their homeostasis and even put a risk on their lives, eventually to death. Usually, these diseases will appear at the age of 35 years above. Furthermore, as we age, we notice the change of our lives routine; some will have hypertension, high sugar levels, gastric reflux, arthritis, etc. Upon these diseases, we have to be aware of our health and have and extra effort to maintain the balance of our body. Because of these, is we cannot put extra care to our body’s need then the consequences are big to pay. Just like acquiring arthritis, a disease of elder people that create a big problem on the joints.

Arthritis Definition:

When we say arthritis, it is a disorder that involves inflammation of the joints whether in the lower or in the upper extremities. In addition to this, most cases of people having arthritis, usually complaint of joint pain. The pain is described as localized painful pain in the affected area of joints. Moreover, the pain is due to inflammation that happens in the surrounding joint that is damage because of the disease itself and other factors that contributes to the development of arthritis. There are many forms of arthritis that we need to reconsider and be aware of the disease process. These are rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis which is a degenerative joint disorder, psoriatic arthritis, and autoimmune arthritis. Indeed, arthritis is a serious condition that will affect the daily activities, because it affects our joint so people who have these diseases will hardly stand straight and walk normally due to joint pain.

Arthritis Causes:

Probably you wonder why arthritis happens, let us know the exact causes of these disease. According to medical research the causes of arthritis are, first, because of age. Don’t you know that upon aging, the cartilages will become brittle and have less capacity to repair itself if damage will arise? That is why; almost of the elderly people suffer arthritis or osteoarthritis in the common form. Second, is because of genetic cause. What happen is the disease itself is pass from within the family line, however, the explanation is not fully understood, but the somehow the genes is one of the factor is causing arthritis. Third cause is weight of a person. Once the weight is over the normal body weight, the joint will hardly support the body weight especially in the hips and knee areas. This will create damage to the joints itself. Fourth cause is due to illness or infection history. Usually, if someone will suffer from multiple episodes of gout, joint infection and other medical condition, it can also contribute to developing arthritis.  And lastly, is due to previous injury. Damage in the joint from injury can also be a part in contributing arthritis because it can create irregularities in the normal smooth joint surface.  The causes can somehow explain why some people tend to suffer arthritis.

Arthritis Symptoms:

On the other hand, there are symptoms regardless by types that commonly experience by some individual who suffer arthritis; these are constant feeling of joint pain and stiffness around the joint area. Some will experience body malaise, inability to use the hands and even walk normally, there are muscles ache and pains, disturb sleeping pattern will sure affected, fever will develop, there is weight loss, tenderness is present, loss of flexibility will also experience, there is also muscle weakness and decreased physical activity. The symptoms indeed affect the person’s daily activities and also the social relationships as well.

Arthritis Treatment:

In order to function normally there are treatments available in order to lessen the pain that it bear in having arthritis. Furthermore, the wide range of advance medical studies and research, there are medications and other treatments that really help the people in treat their arthritis. However, there is no cure for the said illness but treatment will depend on the severity of the case and how to lessen the symptoms that usually experience by many. Most cases with arthritis should have right medications that alleviate pain and lessen the symptoms, physical therapy, orthopedic bracing, lifestyle modifications, and others. Upon having medications, most physicians ordered acetaminophen, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen, naproxen and diclofenac, which have an analgesic effects and also treatment for inflammation which are safe to take. These medications found out that it really works for the patient which suffers serious symptoms of arthritis. Moreover, the best suggested therapy for any form of arthritis is occupational and physical therapy, because these activities maintain the joint mobility as well as the range of motion within the joints. According by some individual who happens to have regular exercise, notice that they have big improvement in long-term pain relief. Also, a constant range of motion exercises in the joints will maintain the flexibility and function of the said joints. Aside from that, if happens that a people having arthritis who practice physical therapy will be exempted in any surgical interventions.  On the other hand, exercise also is very effective than medications, because it improves muscle strength, flexibility and endurance. While occupational therapy can help people reduce stress on the joints from daily routine activities, there are techniques with an aide of the devices that will help them from doing their daily works without causing damage on the joint itself and do the task easier. These suggested treatments will surely help people having arthritis to have easy and less burden activities.

Arthritis Prevention:

However, if you didn’t want to experience these many symptoms and undergo excessive treatment regimen, you can prevent the disease itself from worsening, for prevention is better than cure. In order to prevent arthritis you need to have lifestyle changes, a diet modification can be a helpful one. You need to avoid eating foods that can aggravate the disease, always eat foods that heal and have water therapy. Another is always practice cleanliness.  Body cleansing is very important in prevention process, because it helps the body from eliminating toxins and other harmful substances inside the body. You can start from practicing kidney and liver cleansing and bowel cleansing by water therapy, as well as dental clean up.  And lastly, physical activity will relieve you from stress of everyday’s work load. Everyday exercises will be great help. Also, psychotherapy and spiritual therapy will be a big help in when it comes to emotional and spiritual aspects, because some people when they suffer such disease they tend to be aloof or have a low self esteem as well as their confident level will drop off. Aside from that, a good support person can also be a great help for these individuals.

Joint pain relief:

On the other hand, if the disease is not anymore controllable, then you need to find out the best joint pain relief. Because of the damage in the cartilage created by the degenerative disease, it causes pain and impaired the mobility of the joint that is why in the market nowadays, there are lots of natural remedies like supplements that relieves the joint pain. According to modern research frequent taking of S-adenosylmethionine, the best natural remedy to alleviate pain and decrease mobility. In these supplements, sulfur contents will deliver to the cartilage, which build protein fiber bonds that strengthen the joints, also it reduce inflammation and pain. Another is taking chondroitin and Glucosamine sulfate supplements; this can prevent the progression of arthritis, alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. The contents of these supplement helps in slowing down the cartilage breakdown and produce more cartilage in the joints. This will allow arthritis patient to move with less pain. Furthermore, there is a natural herb called turmeric, a member of ginger family that effectively alleviates pain and inflammation. These works by prohibiting the production of inflammatory chemicals, the prostaglandin and leukotrienes, that is responsible for pain and inflammation. That is why, this herbal supplements will be a great help among arthritis cases. This joint relief pain will somehow contribute to the management of arthritis, aside from the effectiveness it also gives less or no side effects to the person taking this compared to the synthetic medications.

Exercise for arthritis:

In the case of arthritis, patients should undergo exercises that help in alleviating the pain, reducing the inflammation and most especially functions like a normal life again. These will allow joint mobility, endurance and flexibility that enhance the stability of the joint. There are three main exercises that help arthritis people in order to prevent further worsening of the disease. First exercise is cardiovascular or aerobic.  This exercise uses large muscles of the body in rhythmic, continuous motion like dancing, swimming, walking, and bicycling. Also, the exercise will surely make your lungs, blood vessels, heart and muscles become strong and improve endurance, have stronger bones, reduced stress, improve sleeping patterns, and control weight. Regularly do this for three-four times a week; you can start from shorter time up to 30 minutes depending on your endurance and stamina. Second exercise is stretching and range of motion exercises. Daily stretching exercises will protect the joints from the risk of joint injury, also, these exercise is very useful on the stiff joints. You can exercise 15 minutes per day with strengthening exercises included in order to release tension in the body. Third are resistance exercises or strengthening exercises. This type of exercises is can make muscles strong for the absorption of shock and protect joints from injury. Furthermore, this exercise also involves isometric and isotonic exercises. When we say isometric, this will work by tightening the muscles without moving the joints itself. On the other hand, isotonic exercises will work by moving joints in a round motion. This way, it will improve the joint mobility as well as the functioning of the joints movement.

Diet for arthritis:

One of the prevention arthritis is diet modification, also, it is still the best advice when people have already an arthritis condition and they should avoid eating foods that will aggravate the disease. Moreover, having arthritis or who have a history of the disease should avoid eating night shade foods. These are tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes and capsicums. Another is avoiding eating dairy foods like cheese, milk, and other dairy products. And the other one is foods that are high in saturated fats like fatty meat and baked foods. If you follow strictly this diet plan, then you will see the improvements after 3 months of diet modifications. That is why, lifestyle changes are highly much encouraged to achieve you goal in alleviating the pain and inflammation brought about by arthritis.  


Therefore, having a history of arthritis, one should have a correct management plan; coordinate with your physician in order to achieve the goals you want to happen. Furthermore, lifestyle changes, regular exercise, diet modification, prevention as well as proper medication prescription will surely help the individual with arthritis. You need to exert extra effort for you to be able to function normally and do the daily task without restraint.