There are different types of arthritis in feet which can affect a person’s body and this type of health issue can be very discomforting. Arthritis in feet is the most common nowadays and this particular form of arthritis develops as one ages. This is one painful type of health problem which is more often experienced by persons who have worn out cartilages found at the end of the bones.

One encounters more pain as the swelling of joints come about. What is more challenging when it comes to this type health issue is managing the pain itself. Pain can be due to continuous inflammation which takes place in the joints and must be addressed properly through proper treatment. Arthritis in feet affects the heel, the joints located in the ankles and even the big toes. The pain originates from the big toe which travels through the bunions and to the different parts of your feet.

When it comes to managing the pain caused by this joint problem, it is essential to have it diagnosed properly. You can look into its symptoms such as pain on the areas mentioned above, stiffness of the feet, swelling and sometimes even tenderness. Taking notes of these symptoms will help your doctor diagnose your issue properly and be able to provide you pain management options for this type of condition.

If you are finding for a cure to this it might as well be said that such damage to your cartilage is irreversible. This is why doctors more often provide arthritis in feet treatment which is geared towards relieving pain.

Arthritis in Feet – Relieve Pain

Here are a few of those pain relieving options that you may want to consider.

1. For frequent pain problems, applying cold or warm compress by using ice packs or heat pads can relieve the pain which is present in your aching joints.

2. Wearing foot wear that will give support to your feet instead of wearing the usual high-heeled shoes and pointed ones you have will help relieve the pain. If it is possible to wear knee and ankle supports, do so.

3. You can as well engage in some workout or exercising activities that will help improve muscle activity and allow your bones to function properly. You need this especially if you want to lose weight. Since weight can add stress to your joints. Take note that you must engage in exercises that will not injure your bones and cartilages even more.

4. Arthritis in feet can as well be treated through using over-the-counter medications which can reduce pain and inflammation uh as ibuprofen. As well as topical ointments and cream for immediate relief.

5. In some cases, patients are advised by doctors to go to certain treatments which include physical therapy, taking in supplements or even go through surgery.

Arthritis in Feet

Such treatment procedures or pain management options differ from one case to another. Aside from knowing what the symptoms are, it is still essential that you consult your doctor or a specialist who is capable of addressing this kind of health issue. This is to make sure that you get the right pain relieving option in addressing your arthritis in feet problem.