How Anxiety Affects Individual

Anxiety Introduction:

Our brain is very powerful, yet it’s hard to explain all the functions that it conveys. Inside the brain, there are electrical impulses that send signals towards specific organs or system that will counteract the functions and obey its command. Aside from that, the brain serves as the command center in our system.  It controls the overall system in the human body. Every feeling and emotions that the human will experience are being control by the brain. Even anxiety, it is part in the brains functions. We wonder why we feel anxious every time we experience very unusual. Let us discover how anxiety develops and does it affect the individual lives.

Definition of anxiety:

Anxiety disorder or commonly known as generalized anxiety disorder is an exaggerated anxiety, excessive anxiety and always worrying about the events of everyday life without a reasons at all. Aside from that, they can’t stop worrying about their money, family, work, health, and even in school. These things are very unrealistic and not good in the situation. Constant feeling of anxiety eventually affects the persons thinking and later on it hinders or interferes with their daily life’s activities, their mental functioning and even interpersonal relationship. Indeed, being too much anxious can hardly control, even if in small things, because when a person is very anxious they cannot think straight or even concentrate on their daily functioning. So it is very important to support the person who has anxiety disorder by letting them engage in daily activities, constant verbalization of feelings and other leisure activities so that they will not be out of reality. Additionally, a person with anxiety disorder has symptoms that are very relevant to their condition. Let us find out what it is.

Symptoms of anxiety:

A person that is very anxious tends to have an unrealistic view of problems, meaning they always think of the problem in a way that they are affected to it. They are also feels being edgy or in other words restlessness. Also, they are always very tense and have ongoing worry even without reasons. Another is irritability, because of their being anxious they cannot concentrate on other things that in the end they will get irritable and not in the mood always. Moreover, some individual will experience frequent urination that is why they need to go the bathroom always. Others have trouble in falling asleep. This is because their minds are very stress that they keep on thinking about things and keep worrying about them. Also, anxious person tends to have headaches and have frequent sweating. Furthermore, they have difficulty in concentration when it comes to thinking and even have nausea at all times. They also experience trembling and easily get startled as well as always have the feeling of tiredness.  In addition to this, severe anxiety disorder usually experience and suffer depression, in which later on develop a serious case of mental disorder if not treated immediately. These symptoms are very visible to people who experience anxiety, so it needs serious attention towards overcoming it. It is advisable to go to a support person or talk to their psychologist to divert their emotions in order to stop and prevent the case to severity. You may wonder how or what causes anxiety. Well, indeed there are a lot of causes that explain case of anxiety.

Allergy Causes and risk factors:

According to studies, the exact cause of anxiety is not yet discover or still unknown. However, there are factors that supported about anxiety disorders and think that these are the probable cause of it. These include environmental stresses, genetics, and brain functions. When we say genetic cause, it means that family history contributes a person to develop anxiety disorder. Meaning, having a family history of generalize anxiety disorder will pass to its family line the disorder.  On the other hand, environmental factors could be also the cause of anxiety disorder, these involves abuse, divorce, sudden death of love one, changing jobs or school, and other stressful and traumatic incidence will lead to acquiring generalize anxiety disorder. Because of these events, anxiety will trigger and even get worsen during the periods of stress. Furthermore, brain functions also contribute to the risk of developing anxiety disorder, because it has been associated with abnormal levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. When we say neurotransmitters, these are special messengers that help send or move information from one nerve cell to another. However, if these neurotransmitters are abnormal, the messages that the brain want to convey cannot anymore get to the brain properly. This way, it will alter the brains interaction in a certain situation. These factors find out that it will lead to developing anxiety.

Allergy Treatment and medicine

People having such a disorder like this, they are usually referred to a trained psychiatrist or psychologist who are specialized in mental health and are the ones to diagnose as well as treating such disorder like anxiety. In treating anxiety disorders the most common kind of treatment involves a combination of medication therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy. The psychologists are the one who prescribe certain medications that will help the person with anxiety cases. These medications are very helpful among anxious individuals, includes short-term drugs like benzodiazepines. These medications are called tranquilizers for they have the effect of feeling calm and relaxed. Once the Anxious person will take benzodiazepine drugs, like Librium, Xanax, Ativan, and Valium, they will feel relaxed and not anymore get anxious for the mean time, because this drugs will decrease the symptoms of a person with generalized anxiety disorder. Another medication that is used to treat anxiety disorder is taking Antidepressants like Zoloft, Prozac, Lexapro, Paxil and Effexor. These drugs regulate the serotonin levels in the brain that elevate mood which happen in anxious individuals. Moreover, taking antidepressant drugs take up to four- six weeks before relieving the symptoms of anxiety. This also commonly prescribe to all anxiety patients because of its lesser risk of dependency and abusive effects. Another medication that is used to treat anxiety disorder is Buspirone or Buspar. It acts as a mild tranquilizer that relieves anxiety by increasing serotonin levels in the brain and decreasing the dopamine level. Aside from that, this medication is slow acting and takes up to two weeks to achieve its effects. The only advantage of this medication is that it is not sedating or impairing the memory and coordination of a person as well as, it has minimal withdrawal effects. And lastly, the Beta blockers are also useful in alleviating anxiety level in a person, for it blocks the effects of norepinephrine a stress hormone which is responsible for fight-or-flight response. These drugs are propanolol and arenolol. However, these anxiety medications are not use to cure the anxiety disorder; rather, it also helps in alleviating the symptoms that are experience by someone. Upon taking the medication, be sure that you know the expected side effects of the certain medications and always coordinate with your physician about the withdrawal effects it brings.

Allergy Supplements and alternative therapy:

Aside from the medications itself, there are alternative therapies and supplements that are helpful in alleviating the anxiety of a person. This alternative therapy includes natural treatment, stress management techniques as well as mind-body therapies. These alternatives will develop a holistic support in over all healing system that will resist and overcome anxiety. A person can practice eating foods that have good nutrients which provide important factors or small molecules that help metabolic enzymes do their work and will function normally in the brain. Like for example tyrosine, it is found in protein rich foods that are an amino acid that can be use by the body to make norepinephrine and dopamine. Also, eating an anti-hypoglycemia diet will stabilize the mood in the system. A diet with rich in folic acid will improves methylation pathways as well as vitamin B12. Tryptophan also, an essential amino acid can help the body by providing Serotonin. On the other hand, there are other ways in treating the anxiety that is have proper stress management techniques like relaxation techniques that provide calm and normalize the body’s natural rhythm. Example of this is muscle relaxation, visual imagery, diaphragmatic breathing and other activities that have great rewards. Another therapy also is cognitive-behavioral treatment counseling. It is a stress management technique that can easily learn and divert the stresses by handling it with practical skills. If a person will follow this management together with right sleep condition, good diet and frequent verbalization of feelings to your psychologist then, there is a big chance that you will gain back you normal life’s activities with free from any anxiety.

Overcoming anxiety:

The anxiety of a person can be overcome if they want it to happen. They need to do hard effort for their will to overcome this various life’s stresses. If a person cannot over stand this problem then there is a probability that it will worsen and will develop another problem in the future. Take a consideration with this few tips on how you will overcome your anxiety. First, you need to learn how to control your own feelings, self-discipline is highly recommended. Secondly, learn to control your thoughts, because once you cannot control your thoughts it gets stronger once anxiety levels get higher. Thirdly, get busy always and do something. Always keep yourself busy with many activities that will keep your mind off from anxiety. Another is, when going to bed; think of the good things that happen to you in a day, even if it is smaller one still it is good then think and reminisce of it. Fourthly, start your day with positive affirmations, be positive, cheer up and motivating words can be helpful. Fifth, always set your goal every day. This way, it will direct your thoughts and feeling away from anxiety. Another thing is, frequent verbalization of feeling to someone that you trust is very much helpful in expressing out your anxieties.  Sixth, is every day exercise also can be helpful, you can do swimming, walking and engaging in other sports.  Seventh, always find reason to laugh. Remember that laughing is a good medicine, this way; it can alleviate your feeling of anxiety. And lastly, use positive words upon talking to someone, consider every event as blessings and affirm all the things that happen to your life. This will help you have peace of mind at all times.

Anxiety and stress:

Stress and anxiety are very common among people who are depressed and sad. They all have the same manifestations and symptoms. Furthermore, stress is part of our normal life. It always accompanies anxiety if one cannot control the stresses in life.  We need to overcome stress so that anxiety level will not become severe.


Being too much anxious should be properly diverted because it can produce to another serious problem. Follow the tips given above and apply it by heart.