Men and women alike are at risk to suffering anxiety attacks especially Anxiety Attack Symptoms in Women. However, the growing cases of anxiety attacks in women has seen a significant rise in the past few years. Thus, it is important to learn about anxiety attack symptoms in women in order to prevent serious complications. Your knowledge of the symptoms is also important to provide medical assistance for the patient, especially for family members who are able to monitor their condition.

Before you take the time to learn about the symptoms, it is important to understand what causes anxiety attacks in women. It can either be biological changes or high stress levels. In the case of a biological change, women are at higher risk of suffering from an attack during menopause, menstruation, or childbirth. However, these women dismiss the symptoms merely as normal until it worsens and their life is at risk.

Anxiety Attack Symptoms in Women

There are several anxiety attack symptoms in women. Hence, it is important to learn about each of them to ensure that you are away from danger.

The most common symptoms of anxiety attack in women is being overwhelmed with the feeling of doom. In most cases, a woman starts to develop fear for even the smallest of things, even if there is no sign that something will actually happen.

After that initial manifestation of symptom, some women tend to perspire a lot. Some would even suffer from a choking sensation. In the more serious level of anxiety attack symptoms in women, the patient already experiences body chills, along with all the other symptoms mentioned above.

The physical symptoms are often first manifested when a woman is having anxiety attacks. The next step involves the manifestation of more serious physiological symptoms. Depending on the level of the attack, a woman could have moderate to severe heart palpitations. This is often accompanied by a shortness of breathing and a feeling of pain on the chest. As soon as any of these symptoms are being manifested, then it is highly recommended that you see a doctor right away to ensure that your condition is closely monitored before it develops into a more serious problem.

Women could also feel dizzy and experience a trembling in their body. In fact, these symptoms come with a tingling sensation and nausea, in most cases. However, the condition is quite serious as soon as she suffers from “derealization”. This symptom happens when she has lost a feeling of attachment and becomes totally detached to the rest of the world.

Take Note – Anxiety Attack Symptoms in Women

Women who suffer from generalized anxiety disorder suffer from intense worry and exaggerated tension in their daily lives. Hence, it produces a negative thought inside their head and it is manifested in their attitude towards life. This results to various consequences in their physical and mental health as they tend to become irritable and suffer from sleep disorders, nightmares, and bad dreams. If they are feeling fatigued, it can also be accompanied with intense headache. All of these are happening because of an increased flow in their blood pressure.

As you can see, there are several anxiety attack symptoms in women. However, you must take note of those mentioned above to ensure that you can be aware when you need to take medical action and see a doctor for professional help. Remember to pay attention to Anxiety Attack Symptoms in Women so that you can always be prepared.