Everything behind Allergy

Allergy Introduction:

Our human system reacts with specific invaders that enter in the body. They protect our system by sending the protectors or guards that serves as soldiers in fighting these invaders that causes problems in the long run. Like the case of allergy. The human system is very sensitive to certain antigen that enters in to it.

Allergy Definition and information:

Allergy is a disorder in the immune system that causes hypersensitivity. The human’s immune system reacts to different substances in the environment that called allergen such as dusts, pollens, undesired foods, insect stings, reactions to medications and others. Furthermore, these reactions are predictable, rapid and acquired. Also, the reactions will result to inflammatory response in which it can range from mild to dangerous level. This is very distinctive because allergens will result to the activation of cells such as mast cells, basophils and a certain type of antibody called Immunoglobulin E or IgE. These cells are responsible to the reactions happen in the body that results to hypersensitivity. Once the allergens enter the body, the immune system will result to inflammatory condition and later on symptoms will develop and be visible in the body. Moreover, people experiencing allergies should take primary precaution because these may result in life threatening condition called anaphylaxis.  There’s really a need to take actions once someone has allergic reactions.

Allergy Causes, incidence, and risk factors:

Causes and risk factors as well as the incidence of allergic reactions can be classified as environmental factors and its hosts. When we say environmental factors it includes allergens like pollens, dust, undesired foods, insect’s sting, medication reactions and others. For the host it includes hereditary, gender and age. And hereditary plays a major cause and risk factors which contributes the allergic response. Indeed, these allergens can trigger the hypersensitivity response in the body; it can be mild, moderate and severe. Moreover, some people will react to latex exposure; it is sometimes associated with contact dermatitis. It is a delayed hypersensitivity that usually last up to 48-96 hours. People who are exposed to latex can trigger the IgE response that later on develop to delayed allergic reactions.  In addition to this, heredity also is a major contribution when it comes to allergies. If allergy runs in the family line then 90% has the probability that someone will have allergic response. If the parents are allergic to foods and other allergens then expect to have that their children also have allergies. However, allergies that children will acquire do not the same of their parents. Also, in cases of identical twins, if one has allergies then the other also has allergy. That is why, it is very important to avoid such things so that it can prevent the problem to occur.

Allergy Symptoms:

Once the hypersensitivity response will occur, the most common symptoms will appear in the person’s skin that is visible in the different areas. However, there are different symptoms that someone will experience if they were exposed to some allergens. Let us begin in the skin; once someone is exposed to allergens they will have red eyes, swelling, itchiness, hives, hay fever, eczema and runny nose. When the allergy happens in the respiratory system, runny nose, sneezing and asthma attacks are very common. Asthma symptoms sometimes experience narrowing of airways or bronchoconstriction, shortness of breath or dyspnea, coughing, increased production of mucus in the lungs and wheezing. These are very dangerous so it is very important to take primary precaution because it can lead to anaphylactic shock, a dangerous condition that is very fatal to everyone suffering this condition. Furthermore, allergic to medication, latex, food allergies, reactions to venom and insect bites are sometimes associated with severe symptoms. Additionally, once the symptoms are visible to an individual always report it to your physician so that actions will take its place to control the allergic response. And necessary treatment course will follow.

Allergy Treatment:

Due to increase in medically advance technology and information’s, treatments are now widely easy when it comes to treating allergies and hypersensitivity reactions. Generally, the best treatment of allergic response is avoidance of allergen exposure. Take for example if you have allergic response to insect bites, then avoid this thing to happen. However, if avoidance is not possible, there is pharmacotherapy that is usually prescribed by the physicians. There are antagonistic drugs that used to block the actions of cells that trigger allergic response. These medications include antihistamines, theophylline, glucocorticoids, epinephrine, cromolyn sodium, anti-leukotrienes such as Zafirlukast and Montelukast. Also, there are drugs that impair the eosinophil reactions like decongestants, anti-cholinergics, and mast cells stabilizers. These medications can help in alleviating the allergic response and cure the allergy itself. Moreover, there is also treatment that can help lessen hypersensitivity. This includes desensitization therapy. This therapy involves in exposing the allergic individuals to certain allergen to be able to control or eliminate the allergic response. Also, individuals are vaccinated to a certain type of allergen to be able to produce antibody that counteracts the excessive IgE response. The treatment suggested above is very helpful to people who experiencing hypersensitivity reactions. This way, it can alleviate the symptoms that cause bad effects in the body.

Home remedies for allergies:

It is very helpful to treat allergies with natural remedies because it can decrease the medication side effects. Also, home remedies are very good in preventing and even controlling the allergic responses. First home remedy is garlic. It effectiveness are proven to treat coughs and colds, it also acts as a decongestant. It is also considered as the best immunity builder against any type of allergens. Also, thyme is useful in treating respiratory diseases and acts as a decongestant.  Secondly, chamomile tea acts as natural anti-histamine. Drinking one or two cups of chamomile tea with sweetened honey per day, gives immunity towards allergens. Thirdly, constant drinking tea is used to treat congestions from nose and in the respiratory tract. Fourth, using simple honey will work in alleviating allergic response. These will fights certain allergen and be resistant to it. Lastly, the common table tea or green tea has natural effects that block the secretion of histamine that trigger allergic reactions. Ginger also is very sufficient in blocking factors that causes allergies as well as lessens the secretions of histamines. Indeed, practicing such natural home remedies will surely help the individuals in controlling or antagonizing the effects of allergic reactions. Aside from its benefits, it is also very effective towards controlling the hypersensitivity that happening in the body. More or less it is very much helpful compare to medicinal treatment since dependent in medication can causes mild to severe side effects. However, if symptoms persist, do not hesitate to report it directly to your physicians.

Allergy Prevention:

On the other hand, before the problem come its way, it is better to prevent it to happen. Remember that prevention is better than cure so it is important to come up with preventions. The best prevention when it comes to allergic reactions is avoiding the allergens that can trigger it. Yes, avoid exposure to certain allergens like pollens, dust, insect bites, foods, medications, and others. This way you can assure that allergies will be prevented. Avoid indoor allergens such as pet dander and dust mites. Always clean your house and be free from these allergens. Also, avoid outdoor allergens plays a major role in preventing allergic reactions. These include plant pollens, molds and other airborne substances. Although this is difficult to control since we cannot see it, if possible, for people who are easily get allergies always put on a mask to be able to prevent allergies. On the other hand, avoiding eating foods that trigger the allergic reactions can also help in preventing problem to appear. Furthermore, a person with certain allergies to foods should follow a strict diet regimen that free from foods that trigger hypersensitivity response.  And lastly, avoiding exposure to insect bites like applying lotions and insect repellants can be very helpful in preventing all the stuffs. Therefore, self discipline is highly encouraged in order to prevent completely the allergic reactions.

Allergy Control Products:

In order to control the allergens and result to further allergic response, try to use allergy control products. This way, you can eliminate the allergic reactions or even control it. Since medications does not give long lasting effects and not a long term solutions, find a ways that can help you in your problems. Honestly, there are no products that could completely control the problem. However, there are means of stuff that can alleviate the problem like medications, but first things first, medication only help in treating the allergic response but it does not cure the disease completely. Instead, it depends on your own way on how you weigh in the circumstances; always cooperate with your physician so that you will be able to choose the right steps in controlling your allergy.

Allergy Conclusion:

Therefore, the best thing to do when it comes to allergic reactions is avoiding the allergens that trigger the hypersensitivity response. Bear in mind that self discipline is highly appreciated if you have an allergies. Always remember, prevention is better than cure. So, instead of depending on the medications, always ask the physicians advices. This way, the doctor can help you weigh the consequences on how to control the allergic response, another is try to use natural remedies instead of taking frequently the prescribe medications. This alternative can help you control the severity of the problem. Moreover, keep in mind that a careful steps and good cooperation’s with your doctor can come up with a good way of eliminating or even control the allergy itself. Just always be patient in every ways so that good prognosis will take its place.