Why women 50+ lose more hair: Find out how to beat menopausal hair loss

Today, half of the female population experiences hair loss and baldness along the scalp.

Hair loss and the formation of baldness, especially in women, is an unpleasant and even embarrassing phenomenon,

which sometimes causes damage to our personal confidence and self-image.

Today we will know the way to keep our hair thick, shiny and soft to the touch at any age, so that we can smile proudly wherever we go.

What Causes Hair Loss In Women

For most of our lives we spend hours in front of the mirror:

combing our hair, doing face and hairstyles, playing and experimenting, until we find the perfect look.

From combing to combing, we lose between 50 and 100 hairs on average.
While we are young we have no reason to worry, as the hair grows by 1 cm every month of the year.

And yet, over time the amount of hair that falls out remains similar, but the hair lengthens much more slowly.

Baldness that is not always easy to hide

From combing to combing, we lose between 50 and 100 hairs on average

Increased hair loss appears towards menopause.
Over the years, some of us may experience increased hair loss, thinning of the hair appearance and baldness in the scalp area.
Hair loss in older women can be due to many factors, but usually occurs as a result of menopause.

Women’s hair loss is less common than in men, and much simpler to treat.

In-depth knowledge of the phenomenon will help us formulate smart solutions, which will encourage the handsome growth of pleasant and shiny hair.

Hair loss in menopausal women is due to a variety of reasons.

Our hair grows and blooms daily with the help of the activity of proteins, healthy fats and hormones, which guide their activity

As the years go by, so …

The quality of movement and effect of the hormones and especially of the hormone testosterone decreases.

Our hair is nourished with less healthy oils and moisture.

Our hair follicles are damaged and the protein stores in our body, especially the collagen protein stores, are being emptied.

Menopause is extreme.

It brings about many changes in our lives:
the menstrual cycle finally ends, but the hot flashes, the hormonal changes and many times, menopausal hair loss also begin.

In the body of women there are two sex hormones: testosterone and estrogen.

While we are young, the hormone testosterone helps to enrich our hair with moisture and strength, just like in men.

And yet, after menopause a drop in testosterone and estrogen levels leads to shedding

The decrease in hormonal levels is caused by stress or an increase in the presence of a hormone called 5-alpha-reductase.

It converts the hormone testosterone to the hormone dehydro-testosterone or DHT,

which promotes all the aging processes of our body and among other things, also the process of losing hair

Green Care Hair+

Natural treatment for hair loss – vitamins to prevent losing hair
A hair loss supplement will help nourish our body with nutritional values ​​such as proteins, minerals and even vitamins to prevent hair loss that encourage healthy growth, and help restore the thickness and shine to our hair in a healthy way.

We should choose a supplement that combines the zinc mineral and vitamins from group B

Zinc – a mineral that helps optimize the process of testosterone production in our body – which as mentioned is a critical substance for the preservation and production of our hair cells.

In addition, zinc helps to streamline the cleansing and nourishing processes of our hair, thanks to participating in the breakdown processes of the proteins, fats and carbohydrates that are essential for the health and nourishment of our hair.

B vitamins – Vitamins that contribute directly to our hair health directly: they help maintain our hair color over the years, strengthen our hair follicles and streamline the production processes of many hormones like testosterone, which participate in the processes of creating, nourishing and cleansing our hair.

Hair loss in older women is admittedly unpleasant, but nowadays there are so many ways for natural treatment that there really is no reason to resent or come to terms with the evil of the decree

Women’s hair loss is no longer the end of the world – there are many solutions for natural hair loss treatment.

Menopause brings with it a lot of challenging news, some for the better and some for the worse.

Hair loss in older women

is admittedly unpleasant, but nowadays there are so many ways for natural hair loss treatment that there really is no reason to resent or come to terms with the evil of the decree.

Hair loss is treatment for women that is right and quality, is one that is based on proper nutrition, exercise, a combination of nutritional supplements and the existence of a healthy lifestyle.

This treatment will help balance and improve a variety of processes in our body such as the cleansing processes of our body,

the nourishing processes of our skin and nails with moisture and the strengthening of our bones and muscles.

All of these processes are essential for a comfortable and pleasant transition to the menopausal period