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Dr. Supp By Professor Samuel Edelstein

Dr Supp is a modern and advanced natural supplements company from Israel Which combines traditional knowledge and up-to-date science.

We recognizes the natural ability of the body Promote recovery processes, if only he receives the appropriate conditions for it.

The ingredients in our supplements are top of the line products that makes our formulas the best in the market


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Vitamin D-3 + Vitamin K-2 Mk7 + Calcium Citrate Capsules

Adequate intake of calcium is important in order to achieve maximal peak bone mass in the first three decades of life, and to minimize the rate of bone loss associated with ageing. Thus, the importance of adequate calcium intake is recognized during the whole life cycle of human being; Body growth Rapid skeleton development of children and teenagers Achievement of peak bone mass in adults, women at child-birth age and lactation and elderly people, especially women at postmenopausal age who are most susceptible to osteoporosis. The new supplement contain; Calcium citrate Vitamin D3 Vitamin K2

Good For:
Osteoporosis, Bone Denisity
Calcium citrate, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 mk7
Expiry date:
See on the bottle cap
Bootle size:
90 Capsules
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